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Religion is often invoked in hip-hop to dramatize one’s struggles against temptation or judgment. “DAMN.” uses it in a more profound manner. 14 more words

Hip Hop Editorial

One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For Those With Economic Means

How can anyone argue the U.S. is the indisputable best country in the world when our tax and health insurance systems are so flawed. On top of that, our legislature is broken. 121 more words

Social Sciences


“I WISH I HAD said that,” Oscar Wilde remarked. “You will, Oscar, you will,” responded James McNeill Whistler.

I’ve often shared Oscar Wilde’s wish, though the fear of stumbling into outright plagiarism usually stopped me. 701 more words

I Usta Be An Editor Y'Know

Notes on campers

A few days ago, in the course of one of my periodic daydreams about leaving it all behind, I stumbled across a site called Truck Camper Magazine… 1,189 more words


#Vanlife: Selling Their Staged World, One Social Media Post at A Time

How did a movement toward simple, nomadic life in Volkswagen vans become commercialized sponsor-fodder in which “vanlifers” trade social media currency for subsidized van repairs and discounts? 325 more words


Adventures in Solitude: A Reading List

In my adolescence, summer was a time of self-improvement. I planned my reinvention meticulously. Come the fresh school year, I’d breeze through the doors of my high school with perfect hair, new clothes, and a laser focus. 851 more words

Reading List