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The Epidemic of This Decade: Youth Unemployment

Businessweek’s cover article this week is on the global crisis of youth unemployment. With protests led by young workers demanding democracy in Egypt, what is it this generation cannot do?  458 more words

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Workers Young and Seasoned Rally Against Cuts to Social Security

from indybay.org:

Rally Responds to State of the Union Address

by More Jobs Now! Save Social Security!
Wednesday Jan 26th, 2011 11:55 PM

Corporations and their paid-for politicians have caused the worst economic crisis since the 1930’s Depression. 361 more words

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Can't Afford College Because of State Budget Cuts

As colleges and universities open up for the fall semester this week and next, more evidence about how state budget cuts are limiting the opportunities of low-income students comes from New Jersey.  999 more words

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Students CAN Change the Global Economy

Alta Gracia factory, which produces college-logo clothing for Knights Apparel, is paying fair wages, treating its workers with respect, allowing them the opportunity to form a union if they so choose, and keeping its shop floor clean and safe.  1,186 more words

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Stop Selling Out Future Hires

One of the most self-destructive ways organized labor can effectively prevent young workers from wanting to join unions is to approve contracts that protect legacy employees by downgrading the pay and benefits of new employees.  661 more words

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Loyola U Grads Need Jobs

American Public Media’s Marketplace spoke with a few recent graduates from Loyola University Chicago and found, well, dreams deferred as the class of 2010 graduates into the great recession.  1,051 more words

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Affordable Housing Key for Young Workers

There has been a lot of attention given to the large numbers of young workers moving back in with parents because of difficulty finding work in the recession.  471 more words

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