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Roundup: All Of Google's Jokes For April Fools' Day 2015

Google has yet again gotten into the spirit of April Fools’ day this year and the company hasn’t disappointed so far. Usually, Google does so many jokes that it’s hard to follow, so we’re rounding them all up here for your viewing pleasure. 36 more words

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Choosic is Quite Literally Tinder for Tunes

The idea is that Choosic learns your tastes through all that swiping, getting better at offering up recommendations as it goes along. If it gets a decent number of users, it could offer a very compelling treasure trove of data for record companies. 12 more words

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Slack Is Quietly, Unintentionally Killing IRC

Slack, the messaging tool for business that’s changing the way people talk at work, is gaining traction in areas that even the company itself didn’t anticipate: it’s quietly killing Internet Relay Chat (IRC). 62 more words

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Xbox Music will now play your music stored in OneDrive

With OneDrive offering 100GB of storage for $6.99 a month, unless you’re a die hard music fan, you’re going to have plenty of room to keep all, if not most, of your music in the cloud service and still have space left over for other things. 44 more words


Microsoft jumps into a new reality with Windows Holographic

Microsoft introduced a new product that will allow the tech company to jump from the real world to a virtual world. Windows Holographic was unveiled yesterday at the… 183 more words

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Google Fiber Could be Coming to North Carolina

Google is holding events in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte next week according to WRAL TechWire, and it’s very possible they will relate to Google Fiber. According to the publication’s source, Google could begin building the network as soon as this April. 12 more words

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32 Sites Blocked in India Over Content from ISIS

Following an order issued by the Department of Telecom in India, ISPs have blocked 32 sites including Vimeo, Dailymotion, GitHub and Pastebin across the country. […] Indian ruling party BJP’s National Head Arvind Gupta confirmed the block order via Twitter, citing ‘anti-India content’ hosted on those sites from terrorist outfit ISIS […] While Gupta claims that those sites which remove the objectionable content in question will be unblocked, the block order is problematic for a number of reasons: it doesn’t clearly state to ISPs why they have to block these sites and for how long; furthermore, the blocks are site-wide and affect users who depend on these online services for work. 11 more words

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