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“기술은 툴이자 장난감이어야 한다” 구글 크리에이티브 랩의 스티브 브라나키를 만나다

Google Creative Lab’s Steve Vranakis: Technology should be both a tool and a toy

The Next Web - What you need to know about Stellar

This was the first interview I gave for Stellar – was quite nervous:) Interestingly, the journalist also comes from an immigrant family background so he understood a lot of the issues as, like me, he grew up seeing remittances issues in his extended family as well. 108 more words

Tor shutters its anonymous Cloud service

Tor, founded in 2011, is software that routes traffic through a network maintained by volunteers. It was initially used by political activists living under repressive governments, but others, such as media companies seeking to shield whistleblowers, had started to turn to it as well. 18 more words

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Op naar The Next Web!

Als communicatie student zijnde kan ik met enige trots zeggen dat ik de The Next Web heb mogen meemaken een tijdje terug. Voordat ik de minor Online Communicatie ging volgen, had ik er eerlijk gezegd nog nooit van gehoord, maar na er eenmaal geweest te zijn, vond ik het een hele leuke ervaring. 533 more words

Meerkat Beats Periscope To Android

Meerkat app was previously available for Android devices but only via a private beta program. Today’s release means the app is available for all to try out, though it still carries the beta tag. 56 more words


TNW Europe- video diary

Last week, we took CreditHQ to The Next Web in Amsterdam, where we were lucky enough to get to pitch CreditHQ to an audience of start-ups and industry leaders, along with a panel of investors, as part of the ‘Boost’ programme. 46 more words

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