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DJI's Phantom 3 Brings 4K Video Capture to Consumer Drones

Drone maker DJI has today announced a new model aimed squarely at the consumer market. While it’s known for professional and ‘prosumer’ devices, the new model brings higher-definition video capture to tempt the average home user too. 43 more words

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Uber seeks dismissal of lawsuit brought against it by Indian rape victim

Uber has asked the courts to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by an Indian woman who said in 2014 that she was raped by one of the company’s drivers. 387 more words


Meteor development platform hits 1.1, now available for Windows

Meteor, the open-source JavaScript platform that aspires to change the architecture of Web apps by using a single codebase for Web and mobile, has today hit… 116 more words


This Site Shows Everything Streaming On Periscope Right Now

A new third-party website, Periscope Streams, makes it easy to get an overview of everything that’s streaming on Periscope live. […] The site works both on desktop and mobile so you can quickly jump in and out of streams on the app regardless of what you’re using. 12 more words

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Roundup: All Of Google's Jokes For April Fools' Day 2015

Google has yet again gotten into the spirit of April Fools’ day this year and the company hasn’t disappointed so far. Usually, Google does so many jokes that it’s hard to follow, so we’re rounding them all up here for your viewing pleasure. 36 more words

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Choosic is Quite Literally Tinder for Tunes

The idea is that Choosic learns your tastes through all that swiping, getting better at offering up recommendations as it goes along. If it gets a decent number of users, it could offer a very compelling treasure trove of data for record companies. 12 more words

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Slack Is Quietly, Unintentionally Killing IRC

Slack, the messaging tool for business that’s changing the way people talk at work, is gaining traction in areas that even the company itself didn’t anticipate: it’s quietly killing Internet Relay Chat (IRC). 62 more words

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