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Programme interruption

A big black car

follows the thread of small talk

then a cloud passes

Visual Poetry

Nonfiction from Toti O'Brien

The Night

A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of “syncopation” takes two cheap alarm clocks—those I get at the nearby dollar store. Two: one on my bed stand (I keep it close in spite of the noise, it soothes me), one in the adjacent living room. 667 more words

Published Work


At first I thought I was dreaming. But I could hear the shouts clearer, from outside of me. Eventually I woke up and I listened: they were coming from outside. 292 more words

Short Stories


Tonight she will let

the light flickering on

her pillow

and watch her dreams

confide the whole truth

to her very closed eyes


The Night.

Lincoln County fair Go Kart races. Racing season has been in progress for about 5 weeks now. I race two classes, Adult Clone and Adult Open. 359 more words

The Night

The night~by Ziauddin Bulbul

The night

that fell off like flowers
You please don’t trample it.
Every night isn’t aromatic
All darkness can’t be able to bring
the soft and lusty spring. 90 more words


The Color Of Black.


Blackness comes slowly with the night.

Each moment filled with hurt and pain.

Some  monsters move in the dark.

They have sharp teeth that bite, 146 more words