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vignettes : these thoughts

The sky changes, the light becomes rare, I think of the day that’s been, of the one that is coming, then of those other things, which prefer the discretion of the night.

Non Classé

You and The Night

Rain-rain, could you understand?

You and the night, the two relation I envy the most.

You give human which is not giving you any, a very good sleep. 51 more words



Disclaimer: Batman, Lego, and the Lego Movie are all the properties of their respective creators.

He is vengeance. He is the night. He is Batman! 953 more words


Nightfall by Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski

Nightfall by Jake Halpern & Peter Kujawinski. Pub. Hot key Books, 2015.

This highly original book on survival in a dark world is for teenagers and young adults. 306 more words

Senior Fiction


Darkness is something that I welcome, it doesn’t bother me to sit in it or be in it. It’s almost like a blanket, in the day you have to deal with so many things. 456 more words

November 23, 2016

The last line is borrowed from Mizuhara Shoushi’s “I close the gate | and sit alone with the stones | this beautiful night.” This haiku is perhaps the most influential poem I’ve ever read. 10 more words

His choice is love

Dipped in darkness slipped through the cracks, stairs creek,light reflected off screens begins to snatch the eyes, smother the soul.
Before hands touch, before spirits are crushed underneath foot.light signals are picked up.Feet shuffle to bed under sheetsto wrap temptation with love.