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P&W #05 The Night

Do you like the
day, or night?

I like the night — the light feels more gentle and kind.
Kinder when it’s on its own. When it caresses a soul or two, 104 more words


Blood Moon

We woke to see
The bloodshot moon
Westward hanging
above the open halls
Of the gallowed night
Whose startled nocturne
Lay in hush
And still as a held child’s-breath… 79 more words


Love Take My Hand

Come take my hand

show me you are my love

let me hear your voice

calling my name

with each I love you

music seems to play… 182 more words


Motions of the moon.

Moonlight lit thoughts…..

dive into midnight pools of thought

lost within the perception or depth

we go in deep waters to find it,

only to be reminded of why… 58 more words


XII "Song of the Lark" by Cather

One July night, when the moon was full, Doctor Archie was coming up from the depot, restless and discontented, wishing there were something to do. He carried his straw hat in his hand, and kept brushing his hair back from his forehead with a purposeless, unsatisfied gesture.  

72 more words