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Getting to know Courtney Jane🙋

Hello everybody🌸

So I thought in order to progress with my blog, I should tell you a little bit more about myself.

I briefly spoke about myself in my introduction but I feel like you all need to know me better to understand my blog better! 1,142 more words


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Story is the most important part of every film. If the plot is not solid, the movie falls apart. I think The Nightmare Before Christmas… 132 more words


5 Fandom Friday: My Comfort Films

This is my first ever 5 Fandom Friday post and I am really excited! It was really hard to choose only 5 Comfort Films, but I tried. 159 more words

5 Fandom Friday

Jack Skellington: It's Okay To Be a Goofball

I’ve never quite understood the excessive use of the phrase “just be yourself”. For one thing, it’s impossible to not be yourself. If you mimic other people, that doesn’t mean you’re not “yourself”, it means that “yourself” is someone who mimics other people. 553 more words

Favorite Characters

Quote: Tim Burton

‘Things that I grew up with stay with me. You start a certain way, and then you spend your whole life trying to find a certain simplicity that you had. 175 more words


Monthly Favourites - March 2015📝

Hello everyone!🌸

So today is the 1st of March and where is 2015 going? I keep taking each day as it comes and now it seems like each day turns into a week, turns into a fortnight, turns into a month and yeah well, you get the picture. 782 more words