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Game Of Thrones Winner: "High Sparrow"

“The North Remembers”

There is literally not a more important concept in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire than that one. There’s a reason why most of the, you know, good people, are from the North. 150 more words


GoT Plot Line Power Rankings: Week Two

If you really think about it, rarely does something go from good to great- or to take it a step further, from great to down right amazing. 1,285 more words


Game of Thrones Winner: "House of Black and White"

This was not a hard week to pick a winner.

This week’s winner is Jon Snow.

Not because Jon did anything particularly awesome. But because Jon. 185 more words


Strange News From Another Star - The Truth

What was once considered impossible is now quite easily achieved. Kings and lords come and go and leave nothing but statues in a desert, while a couple of young men tinkering in a workshop change the way the world works. 1,823 more words


The Modern Age - The Fifth Elephant

‘When people say “We must move with the times,” they really mean “You must do it my way.” And there are some who would say Ankh-Morpork is…a kind of vampire. 2,016 more words