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Monday Enchiladas

I’m two days late, but still going to post this and last night’s dinner. On Thursday, I made a quick and easy Vegetarian friendly enchilda with an even easier Mole sauce recipe found here on Allrecipes.com ( 118 more words

The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

How cute!  I was just cruising http://www.whisknyc.com,  and came across this Mobile Foodie Survival Kit.  It’s basically a pocket-size set of organic seasonings.  Thought I’d share for all my fellow foodies who often travel and like to be able to whip up a quick meal anywhere. 10 more words


It’s snowing outside again and I just want it to stop. It has me in the mood again for another quick meal. Inspired by an episode of Delicious TV that I saw a few weeks ago, I wanted to make a pesto with pasta and a few shrimp I had left over. 178 more words

Tofu Time!

If you haven’t noticed already, I am a vegetarian – or shall I say, Pescatarian (I eat fish/seafood at least 2-3 times a week).  Tonight for dinner I decided to go with General Tso’s Tofu.  243 more words


Tonight, I made falafel- not from scratch as I originally intended, but from a boxed mix that I stumbled across in the supermarket tonight.

So easy to make and it came out very tasty! 122 more words