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Anna T Gowera and Cleophas Matinharis Modern Wedding

Anna and Cleos lovestory is one taken straight from the scripts of Hollywood romantic blockbusters, the only difference being that these two lovebirds are living their fairytale making sure that forever becomes a reality… 9 more words

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​Rudo Wuragu and Gamaliel Madindis Bush Themed African Bush Wedding

Read my latest blog post on Wedding Expos Africa.

In the post I talk to the talented Rudo Wuragu Madindi to find out more about her wedding and how she managed to execute the perfect Bush Themed African Wedding. 12 more words

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Edmonton Brothers' Home-Brew Mead Hobby Feature for The Nook

I’m contributing to a small pilot website featuring hobbies that Edmontonians practice. This week, the Nook published my long read about two brothers brewing mead in their kitchen. 130 more words


The Nook

Dined on February 20th.
The NOOK is a St. Paul institution that has been around since 1938. They are known for their burgers, but specifically their Juicy Lucy burgers. 543 more words

what the yahoo! breaches mean for this site

UPDATE (2016.12.24): I’ve temporarily removed all photos from this site; see below for details.

More Yahoo! hacks – great.

Unfortunately, those hacks will have some impact on this site – that’s because I hosted a large chunk of my Grand Concourse photos ( 112 more words

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A weekend away... Herne Bay and Whistable

This post is only seven weeks late… but hey ho, I’m going to write it anyway for me.

A couple of weeks before I started my MSc back at the University of East Anglia, Matt and I took a short break to Herne Bay to somewhat relax before the work began! 428 more words