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Saint Paul, Minnesota

Eat Pray Love Journey – Day 8 – Saint Paul, Minnesota

I skipped breakfast and decided to go on a morning walk before meeting up with Mark. 1,279 more words


"What I saw at the Diner" by lisalesa

A couple of weeks ago The Anchorman and I went for dinner,

at our local diner.

“The Nook”.

We met back in 1985 and have both frequented this spot for almost 30 years. 288 more words


The Nook Architecture

After Embryo Treehouse we have already been able to talk to you, the designer Antony Gibbon reveals The Nook, a project of modern tipi offering customizable thanks to a system of wooden panels a very successful structure. To discover in the future.


Is the NOOK an e-reader anymore?

I was walking in my student store the other day and a tablet caught my attention.  It looked light, small and powerful so I walked up to it.   131 more words