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Easter Weekend + The Titanic

Easter weekend was yet again another experience! Starting off on Good Friday with some Erik time and sushi. My favorite roll to get at Mizu… 711 more words


​5  Zimbabwean Make-up Artists Who Will Make You Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day

One of the primary concerns of any bride on her wedding is her appearance. Her dress, shoes, hair have to be perfect and of course her make up has to match too. 20 more words

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Anna T Gowera and Cleophas Matinharis Modern Wedding

Anna and Cleos lovestory is one taken straight from the scripts of Hollywood romantic blockbusters, the only difference being that these two lovebirds are living their fairytale making sure that forever becomes a reality… 9 more words

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​Rudo Wuragu and Gamaliel Madindis Bush Themed African Bush Wedding

Read my latest blog post on Wedding Expos Africa.

In the post I talk to the talented Rudo Wuragu Madindi to find out more about her wedding and how she managed to execute the perfect Bush Themed African Wedding. 12 more words

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the Nook: What's That Sound #1

We decided to play a little guessing game with our audience. See if you fare any better at guessing the sound of one of our featured hobbies!


Edmonton Brothers' Home-Brew Mead Hobby Feature for the Nook

I’m contributing to a small pilot website featuring hobbies that Edmontonians practice. This week, the Nook published my long read about two brothers brewing mead in their kitchen. 127 more words