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Book Haul

New year, new books! And not so new books after a quick trip to Barnes & Nobles to grab a few books before coupons expired. With so many great titles coming out this year, I’ll have more than enough reading material to get me by until the next release. 610 more words


A Master Class

Guys, I have some news.

Approximately this time last year, I had quit my IT job in Chicago. Not necessarily knowing where life was going to take me, I moved back to India to be with my family. 407 more words

The Nook

Hard in Hightown

Donnen glared at the kid. “I’m a city guard. And so are you, recruit. Nobody gets away with murder while we’re on duty.”

Jevlan stood a little straighter. 325 more words


The Nook

I discovered The Nook because of one of my best friends, Alden. It quickly became a favorite with us because of their fish bowls (I’ve never been able to finish one!), but also because of their amazing food. 47 more words


Winter Remedies

Winter Is Coming.

At least, it’s already here and for North Carolina the worst happens after the new year-I say this as we are expecting a chance of snow after midnight tonight. 414 more words

The Nook

Maintain Your High Standards - Chiedza "Blacperl" Maswera

There are always other methods one can use to find a solution to their problems without having to sacrifice ones beliefs and principles. Believe me you, this extends to other principles and beliefs one might have – religious and cultural which might not necessarily have to do with virginity. 29 more words

The Nook