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The North - a holiday in Yorkshire

My mum and her husband have come to the UK to visit some friends of theirs and to visit me (of course!). I’ve caught the train to a place about an hour south of York. 601 more words

An Antislavery Dissent, Part Three

Parts 1 and 2

C. Stearns told Kansas radicals like George Brown and Charles Robinson that they needed to cool down. Their plan, then pending and subsequently voted through at… 639 more words

Road To War

An Antislavery Dissent, Part Two

We left C. Stearns in the pages of the September 22 Herald of Freedom telling us that not every antislavery Kansan went all out for the radicals’ plan to make their own government and strike at once for statehood. 455 more words

Road To War

Bendy thumb

I have a thumb that’s just a bit weird,

It’s not the fact that it has a small beard,

It also curves more than 90 degrees, 193 more words

Rhyming Story

An Antislavery Dissent, Part One

My sources for the antislavery resistance in Kansas skew heavily to the radical end. I do what I can with the materials available to me to highlight the less radical elements as well, but I have no good repository of moderate antislavery opinion from the time and place.  562 more words

Road To War

"We Are Shrinking": a Poetic Blog

Caution: the following poem contains bad language, plus a rather shocking reference to a basket.

Yesterday, I learned that a Tory parliamentary candidate suggested that… 334 more words

Mental Health

The War of Northern Aggression? It depends.

A friend pointed me to James Oakes’ piece in the latest Jacobin, titled The War of Northern Aggression and available on their webpage. There Oakes describes the contemporary consensus that the North went to war to preserve the Union, rather than to end slavery: 1,007 more words

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