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My Vacation

I have been to the North before beginning with Baguio and pretty much six times in Pangasinan. The first beginning in 2005, the second in 2009, third in 2010 (followed by a trip to the zoo), fourth in 2010, fifth in 2013 (for my grandfather’s funeral) and sixth this year. 104 more words


Isolation part 5

I have come to believe that the first month of school is by far the most important. I also believe that I wasted mine. No matter how much schooling you get, the only thing that can prepare you for the first month is experience. 500 more words


Daddy's Gone A-Hunting

It’s looking very November. One afternoon last week EJ, Danny, and I walked through one of our little meadows and into the forest on our way back from the mailbox.   1,546 more words


Power to the North? The Political and Economic Future of Northern England

Video of the event ‘Power to the North? The political and economic future of Northern England’, featuring me alongside Lisa Nandy MP, Helen Pidd (The Guardian), Ben Lucas (Metro Dynamics) and Julia Unwin (JRF). 20 more words

Northern England

Our Life So Far

We have done a lot of thinking and discussing and planning and doing since last week when we realized that with the extra expenses, we are going to run out of money sooner than later and we will need a bit more income. 1,130 more words

The North

True North: Where is the Midwest?

I’ve lived in a lot of states. I’ve grown to be rather sensitive to regional differences. Well, if not sensitive then at least cognizant of the ticks, habits, temperaments, and language of not just myself but those around me. 821 more words


Autumn 2015, the year we got ' Fall Colors '.

I woke up this morning, got those Autumn blues deep down. We are held in the warm grip of Atlantic gales. They are now stripping the branches, rattling the roof tiles and sending the bins dancing down the road. 884 more words

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