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Foods to try when in the North of England. PART ONE.

Traditional Northern food reflects it’s industrial past and cold climate.  There are lots of delicious cakes and bakes to try, designed to warm you through when the rain in belting down. 388 more words

Ode to the Chippy Tea...

There comes a time when the parents within the hardworking Northern family can’t be bothered to cook.  Enter Chippy Tea.  Usually on a Friday night (a chippy’s busiest time) after the working week is done and everyone is exhausted and feeling that a treat is in order. 373 more words

' Dice Man ' tour of Fife, part 2.

It is almost impossible to leave anything behind when you pack up after a night of camping. We managed to leave behind a washing line strung between two trees. 1,838 more words

Cycle Touring

The North (and almost everything in it) by Peter Morley

A good read! Part history, part biography, part Wikipedia, part travelogue.

Also, nicely, it is exactly 100 chapters, which reminds me of a good solid Accrington red brick.

Dealing With Class at Uni

Having only ever lived in the same town for the 18 years of my life, I was never concerned about ‘how the other half lived’. I mean, sure I did think about what it would be like to live like the cast of MiC with a myriad of staff to attend my every call, but really I’d accepted who I was and I was grateful for that. 553 more words


Tesla & Esther

The week was eventful with both good and bad in it, and happy and sad. It started out rough, but got better as the week progressed and ended well. 1,057 more words

The North