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The Leland Blues

Today EJ and I went adventuring.

We wanted to go rockhounding at least one more time. We always look for Petoskey stones, but we also wanted to see if we could find some… 865 more words

The North

"You are worth $200,000!!!!" The New England Emigrant Aid Company, Part Three

The demise of business antislavery left Eli Thayer as a traveling promoter of the New England Emigrant Aid Company. His excessively rosy account of Kansas led to some emigrants opting to go right back home, but some stayed on in the territory and Thayer’s appearances helped keep Kansas in the public mind.  498 more words

Road To War

The Rise and Fall of Business Antislavery: The New England Emigrant Aid Company, Part One

Between the Howard Committee and the Buford Expedition, plenty of people have lately come to Kansas Territory. Before them, Missourians went across the border. Many meant to stay, but many also meant to control Kansas’ elections or… 596 more words

Road To War

New Chapter

I’ve done quite a lot of reading whilst away on sabbatical this summer. I’ve read all sorts of different things, from novels to non-fiction books in the fields of leadership, discipleship, sociology and popular psychology. 906 more words


Dress code in 3 main regions of Vietnam

Vietnam has 3 main regions across the country, the North, the South, and the Middle.

Ao Tu Than, this dress is deemed to be one of Vietnam’s enduring traditional attires, having been worn widely by Vietnamese women in the North centuries before the emergence of the… 561 more words



Guest blog from Robin McAlpine, Director of Scottish think tank Common Weal

I don’t live in the North of England. In fact, sometimes I have to remind myself that it is a place and not just an event. 1,584 more words


Our Field Trip to the NWS

I haven’t written often lately. I haven’t been sleeping well so my days are spent in sort of a fog. Ugh.

But life has been going well. 1,613 more words

The North