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Indian Style Filipiana

Like I said, the Philippines was influenced by India so it’s time to acknowledge it again. That is by making Indian style clothing using Philippine fabrics. 131 more words


I’ve been sewing several skirts this year but if there’s something I’d like to make a skirt out of, it’s abel iloko or one of those indigenous Philippine fabrics mostly made in Ilocos and I used to have a blanket made out of that. 168 more words

The Northern Series: Intro

Being born and bred in Yorkshire, I am really passionate about the North. However, this has taken me a long time to realise. When I was in school, I was desperate to move to London because I wanted to lead a glamorous, busy, exciting life. 188 more words

1823 Spinning Block Hotel, Clitheroe: ‘Don Draper would love this place’ – review

Clitheroe’s Holmes Mill combines a brewery, food hall, restaurant and hotel to stylish effect. In fact, there are so many foodie delights it’s no wonder our writer spent so little time in his room


First Ongoing Tracking Study of the Opinions of Residents the 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸 North

The First Ongoing Tracking Study of the Opinions of Residents the 🇨🇦 & 🇺🇸 North “… DataPath Systems is a Yukon based market research company. We are recruiting Northerners to be part of our online panel. 132 more words

Newcastle parkrun

I’m conceding defeat, putting myself on the injury bench and taking a break from running for the next couple of weeks. I thought my legs were just knackered from the marathon at first but now I think it’s something more than that, the distinct feeling of “shin splints” in both calves (but thankfully not the symptoms of another stress fracture). 710 more words


#GHgot: The North Remembers

The people of the north will never forget their contributions to the history of their land. 616 more words