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Government minister proposes ‘sponsor a northerner’ scheme

Government Minister Maurice Hapsburg MP is proposing the introduction of a ‘sponsor a northerner’ scheme after reading the harrowing account of Northern life in Jeremy Clarkson’s recent Sunday Times article… 169 more words


6 Ways To Beat The Winter 'Blahs'

It’s safe to say that we’re still in the thick of winter. If you live in the northeast, you’re probably also experiencing some record snowfall. A lot of us – myself included – are affected by the weather. 594 more words

Why God gives Snow Days.

The south is much different than the north, especially when it comes to snow. Growing up in Wisconsin, I remember getting multiple inches of snow and bundling up to go to school. 426 more words

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The spinning newspaper with the banner headline informs us that horrible things have happened. We must all look and know them so we remember our capacity for evil. 2,513 more words

Road To War

The Girl Loves Shopping - Demiurgus Dreams

Infatuated with the beautiful sculptural works from Russian artist Evgeny Hontor. Demiurgus Dreams is her Etsy store where she sells exquisite creatures, the sort of creatures you can expect to find in fantasy tales set in far northern climes.


The stereotype map of Britain according to north Londonders....................

I never realised that “the North” started so “far North”, I was always under the impression that for Londoners everything north of the M25 was the wastelands of the North………….it is no wonder that us folk up North view with disdain those from down South as “Southern softies”………………