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Would Artificial Intelligence be the End of Humanity?

In the world of cyber technology we have been increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) in many virtual machines, software, and programs. They do all the math for us, monitor things, and interact with us. 688 more words

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Spring in the house

Last year our little fig tree had died. The winter was too cold and it spent too long in the garage. This summer we bought another one. 89 more words

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Can't Tell if Your Really Nice or Just Stupid

One of the main aspects of a human that separates them from most other animals on earth is human altruism; the behavior of benefiting another at one’s own expense. 549 more words

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What life is all about?

I ask this questions every day. Anyone knows the answer? It’s not that I want someone to tell me what my life is all about, no. 868 more words

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Two turkeys on the road

I never saw turkeys in the wild. Actually, I never saw one even in captivity. This bird is not common to where I grew up and lived. 144 more words

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Short Weekend, Short in Energy

Just a day ago when I posted this week’s blog, I had to participate in the NIFTY tournament that I was talking about for the past two blogs or so. 261 more words

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A New Beginning, New Challenges, New Hopes

Kehidupan adalah sesuatu yang nyata sekaligus misteri, Kita tak pernah tahu apa yang akan terjadi di masa yang akan datang dan tak ada seorang pun yang bisa menjanjikan apa yang akan terjadi. 544 more words