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I just realized I had become an adult

I think people do not notice how old they are. I talk about the numbers. I feel like I’m 20. It could also mean I felt similar way as today when I was 20. 396 more words

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A Packing Guide - New York City Edition

Packing is a serious process to me. I make a list but by now, you know that I make a list for everything. There are two types of people in this world. 407 more words

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So You Want To Go To New York...

Right now I am either on a plane to New York or waiting to get on one or already there, depending on when you read this. 1,074 more words

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My Summer Reading List

I have an fever. And the only prescription – is more books! 160 more words

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Agribusinesses are super large companies that control pretty much all of the country’s agriculture production. I have mentioned Monsanto, the evil company that used genetically modified plants to take over farms and prosecute the farmers, before and it is an Agribusiness. 382 more words

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One of the most messed up ideas humanity has ever thought of. Today I don’t take racism very seriously, I embrace my stereotypes, I am an Asian and it is true that I am a lot better in math. 394 more words

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