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What do I do with out you?

I sit in your chair.

And suddenly You are home!

did any time pass at all?

eternity in a moment.

The Now

Day 559

Two A4 sheets were written out over the last 6 days. Each covered one thing that I need to forgive myself for. Next, I was to take them to the nearest natural water body, burn them and put the ashes in the water. 312 more words

Day 558

For Si

You and I
It’s funny we’re together
Certainly not birds of a feather.

When I met you I knew
that my life would begin, anew. 156 more words

Day 556

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming. The creators of NLP (Bandler and Grinder) claim a connection between the neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. 143 more words

Day 555

God knows how often I lament that I don’t have half the time I need, to do half the things I want to. I cannot remember when last I had 15 minutes of unclaimed time. 186 more words

The Soulmate Picture

I believe that we have many ‘soulmates’ and each person that we are destined to meet in our lives is one of them. A soulmate is somebody who holds a piece to the puzzle that is our self. 165 more words