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Day 189

‘Social isolation’ predisposes us to depression. Hence, the significantly higher incidence in the unemployed, single or divorced.

Whoever these ‘socially isolated’ are, they must live somewhere. 196 more words

I have lost the will to relive past traumas.

You know that feeling of Déjà vu, the familiar feeling of being somewhere or of doing something, but not knowing exactly when or where? We have all experienced it. 392 more words


Blue jane 

On a day to celebrate the earth,

I watch a young girl drink rainwater off the top of a barrel,

And I wonder how many other girls are thirsty today… 11 more words

The Now

Day 187

“You will go straight to paradise” said the dry-cleaner after he heard our story. It made me smile. Oh, what a consolation! He is a devout muslim and a very sweet man. 242 more words

Tigers and trees

in the grass

was a pale grey tiger

or possibly a cross breed –

is there such a thing?

there are ligers and tigons made at the hands of captivity – 60 more words


Day 186

He was A’s ‘brother from another mother’. They claimed to be having a ‘bromance’. They completely got each other and laughed a lot together. They could find something funny in the simplest of situations. 161 more words

Good Thoughts Now! NOW – by Torben Thoger. Uplifting and motivational song.

Torben Thøger


Kender du min sang “NOW”, om at leve i nuet?

“Now, Now, Now.
So let’s make it happen now.
Yesterday we were obeying those who were above us.

66 more words

The Now