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RE: TV Journalists Shot Dead During Live Broadcast in USA – ORIGINAL Full VIDEO With News Report

TV Journalists Shot Dead During Live Broadcast in USA – ORIGINAL Full VIDEO With News Report

Dividere la Storia

No longer safe to be out in Public? 216 more words

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please stop telling the story of the ugly duckling the way you do.

some of us are ducks.

not swans.

i know you think it is not the point of the story. 23 more words


the direction of change

The moment doesn’t go anywhere, but it always faces in the direction of change. And change always takes everything in the universe along with it, including the absence of things. 43 more words


Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 11: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever!

Investigating and Tracking Sexual Offenders


Check each State and then each Town/ City on the Internet for people’ Names on lists. Be Aware!


UK Pedophile News: ‘A Song for Bill Maloney’ – Bill Maloney is a ‘Champion of the Children’ – And ‘A Pocks to Royal Elitist Pedophiles Everywhere’ – Bravo!!

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Please come to Boston....

please come to Boston,

and she said YES!

won’t you come home to Me.


swamp kitty?

stopped by the side of an almost road,

i’m looking into the tangle of vines

and suddenly You appear

Confidently walking across my path – 11 more words

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Buffalohair - Jage Press / Saved News 8/21/2015

Buffalohair / Carlos told me to just keep doing what we are doing , don’t change any thing in our work pace? I feel electricity in the air!

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