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Bored To Death

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It’s so hard to be bored at work.  I’m type A.  I like to keep my brain active, and busy while I’m working.   75 more words

The Now


The kitten

Wiggled his bottom

Ready to pounce.

“Not now,”

“I’m in the middle of a blessing.”

Her paws resting gently on the violin case… 14 more words



How wonderful it would be

to stop counting time

forget one’s age

one’s height

one’s past

no hours or minutes

just moon and sun

and endless freedom… 18 more words

Early morning flights

In the early morning,

I looked up to pray

& find myself watching flight paths…

Creatures of the night

Are also creatures of the dawn. 9 more words



Sometimes it is hard to meet on common ground.

Try anyway.

The Now

Déjà vu?

Déjà vu?

Perhaps a past life has collided

with my present one,

When I heard someone ask,

“Have you been here before?”

I respond, “Do I know you?” 74 more words



The fattest little green frog
Sat filling his leaf

Some days you leap,
Some days you sit.

All is well