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Day 590

Another day!
Sorting out the house.
Discovering his drum sticks.
His linen trousers.
Wondering when it all started.
Cup of tea and toast.
One more and one more. 111 more words


Wake, mood subdued, to the sound of steadily falling rain … perfect weather, in a way, for a closed-in writing day …

BY Veritas

Day 584

On the one hand there is mental health and on the other there is mental illness. It is possible to have no mental illness but poor mental health. 229 more words

Day 583

The last few days have been spent on this little island in the English Channel that is gorgeous despite unfriendly weather. It has a notorious reputation of being a tax haven and a convenient hide-away for the very rich. 294 more words

Day 577

Walking through Streatham Common this afternoon, we took a moment to buy an ice-cream and sit on a bench, looking at the park where we walked with Saagar the weekend before he died. 347 more words

Day 576

There is some black. There is some white.
There is a lot of grey.
This is where a lot of life happens.
I didn’t know or understand this when I was young but as I get older, I see it. 310 more words