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Flash Misread

Instead of “STOP THE WAR”—one of the banners posted around the terrace of one of my favorite health food restaurants in Tokyo (which banner in standard English would read simply, “STOP WAR” or “NO MORE WAR,” without any “THE” as I’m sure it doesn’t mean to refer to any specific war but to all wars), my mind flash-read it as “STOP THE DEAD.” 41 more words

BY Veritas

Day 471

The burglar alarm was serviced today. The technician asked me to review the phone numbers on the panel. These numbers are called if and when the alarm rings. 187 more words

Day 470

Today I was an anaesthetist.

I helped sixteen patients get through their minor surgeries. I am grateful to have a job I enjoy, to have colleagues who are friends, to be able to laugh and sometimes make other people laugh and to have the strength to get through a busy day calmly and artfully. 183 more words

Buffalohair: ‘From Asia With Love’/ Renowned Artists Fumio Sawa / Sitt Nyein Aye Call Trinidad Colorado Home

‘From Asia With Love’; Renowned Artists Fumio Sawa & Sitt Nyein Aye Call Trinidad Colorado Home

In the 1800’s Arthur Roy Mitchell resided in Trinidad and capturing on canvas America’s rich heritage along the Santa Fe Trail. 532 more words

The Now

Omotesando En Plein Soleil

… proceeding down Omotesando from Harajuku Station, crossing Meiji Dori and proceeding up the slope to the Apple Store GarageBand consult, the entire length of the left-side sidewalk (until the end of Omotesando Hills anyway), the movement of the pedestrians pointillist, in full sunlight , the temperature global warming-ly springlike, at 11:15 in the morning …

BY Veritas

Day 467

Same house where we lived together.
Same local railway station that we used routinely and I still do.
The same one where he ended his life. 236 more words