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Wish you were here

Perhaps all we are

Arefootprints in the sand,

And even those will be washed away by the waves,

Yea, Even our tears will disappear.

All that matters is that You were here. 17 more words

The Now

Day 710

Can someone press the ‘Refresh’ button for me please?
Hello! Anyone there?
Just me.
I’ve got to do it myself.

Many people ready and willing to hold my hand while I do it. 440 more words


Three swift birds

Soared into our sight

So very fast,

Or was it just that we were moving so slow.
And yet, in their flight they were more at peace, than we were in our stillness .

The Now

Day 709

Often I feel like I am hanging in between life and death. Neither fully alive nor fully dead. Will this plague stay within me forever or set me free one way, or another? 260 more words

Day 707

While the government in England aims to reduce the rate of suicide by 10% in 5 years, an independent charity ‘Contact’ (http://www.contactni.com/) in Northern Ireland (NI) holds the vision of creating a society free of suicide. 349 more words

Day 706

On some days the words come tumbling on to the page and arrange themselves exactly the way I want them to. Other times, they need coaxing, cajoling and persuading. 318 more words

Day 705

Sometimes the strangest events stick in one’s memory. One such moment is the one when I fell in love with Brad Pitt. The one and only Miss Oprah Winfrey interviewed him on her show and asked him, 238 more words