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Law of Attraction Support Group

Hey there blogging community!

So recently I have just made a new Facebook group for people interested in learning more about The Law of Attraction or people who would like some tips on how to manifest…or just some encouragement. 90 more words


Chainsaws and rain

The little orange feral feline

Was hiding in the brush,

Seeking shelter from the coming rain.

Thunder claps, mixed with the sounds of chainsaws taking care of trees now deemed dangerous to life and limb in the coming winds. 19 more words

The Now

Out of the frying pan

There is an old wive’s tale

Butter the paws of those you love and they will always come home…

But it is actually much better to let them do it themselves. 32 more words

The Now

Pizza rat? Pizza cat!

It started simply,

He would finish is morning cereal

And offer her the milk at the bottom of the bowl…

But now she has moved up to lunch… 29 more words



Don’t pity the pittie,

PLAY with the pittie!

The best Training is more about fun than judgement.

Together you will find the joy of relationship.

The Now

Eviction or relocation

The limbs and vines had to be pruned to protect my house.

But there you were,

Working hard in the yard,

Building your home,

Keeping the neighborhood safe eating biting bugs. 33 more words


What It Is Like to Be Me Today

In this moment. Right now.  I feel so Sad and Angry. Totally Confused. My body aches. My heart beat is strong.

‘ Why am I in this ?’ ‘Why after 15 months of physical separation, I am drawn to feel something related to you, every single day ?’ ‘What are your thoughts about this situation? 296 more words

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