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The Now

For Paul’s prompt at Real Toads – 30 poems in 30 days. It is now only 12 days until the 30.  This is based on the Japanese concept of silence or, chinmoku – the space between the notes or, the now. 21 more words

General Poetry


It rained all night.

By morning

the middle of the yard was now a lake.

In the center of the water

floated a round pink ball. 10 more words

The Now


Gather together,

Pick up,

Clean up,

Everybody do your share…

Children’s rhymes ring in my head…

And the little girl covered in white fur is helping…

The Now

The Timeless Now

The Timeless Now

May you trust and be

In the present moment, but

When is the Now?

Each second shades to the past.

Each second greets the next! 141 more words


The county fair

At the county fair,

In the oldie days exhibit is a real barn.

And there, in the hay loft filled with real hay, sits a biddy hen… 31 more words



Make way
Make way
For life’s play
What do you say?
How do you behave?
Find a way
Find a way
For there is only today



Even if you want to stay in bed hiding all day,

Someone is bound to notice you…

Might as well wake up.

Hiding and meditating are not the same thing, 10 more words