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anger management

options and captions, pick one:

  1. why yes, i can see your upset. 
  2. no, i am not telling you how to feel, it just seems like you are upset….
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A Runners Heart

Ugh! I can’t believe I’m almost the age I used to consider “old”. In 17 days I will be 40. I know it’s probably all in my head, but the last month or so I’m feel…

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Letter to the Army Corp of Engineers Commander

Antonio Sanchez shared Carrie Chesnik’s post.

Carrie Chesnik

10 hrs ·

“Saw this letter to the Army Corp of Engineers Commander on a reply to one of Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn posts!

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Dog Book Art / Catching Up

New Dog Book backgrounds!

On my other blog, which is about a book I’m making for kids and features lots of bright pictures about dogs looking for Good Things, I just posted a bunch of the page backgrounds. 40 more words

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Planet Earth December 2016


NASA Confirm׃ DECEMBER, 2016 is when NIBIRU PLANET X will convert Earth to an ICEBALL Please share!

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my mother loved waffles.

my mother loved my dog.

my mother is gone.

and so are the waffles.

the dog is still here. 31 more words