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The Number 7

Since ancient times, the number seven (7) has always held a special significance in our universe, the creation of human kind, and in religion. The number 7 is often called the holy number, lucky number, the prophetic number, or the mystical number. 1,528 more words

The Mysteries

Seven Spherez - "The Number 7"

From Manchester UK, Hip Hop duo Seven Spherez (Dr G & Ghost One) releases “The Number 7”, taken from their forth coming self titled album… 105 more words


Moving Out... Moving In... Moving On!

There’s a belief that the number 7 is a very special number…the number of completion.  In Sanskrit’s most ancient holy book, the Rig Vega, it describes seven stars, seven concentric continents, and seven streams of soma, the drink of the gods. 716 more words

My Journey

Books for Girls, Not Necessarily Bike-Related

One of the fun perks of being married is that now I have a niece. I’ve known her for several years already, of course, and watching her change to the very grown-up age of eight has been fun. 719 more words


The Significance of The Number 7

There is something special, powerful and divine about the number 7. My favorite number is 7, not only because my country Nigeria has 7 characters in it or because my real first name has 7 characters and my surname also has 7 characters. 764 more words

Random Inspiration


The cardinal number that is the sum of six and one.

The root number of sins.

Year of the itch.

Lucky or broken reflection.

The center in the storm clouds. 14 more words


Seven ... an erotic novella by Claire Kent


The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth.  7 doesn’t take anything a face value, but is always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. 904 more words