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An Epic Workout

You probably clicked on this link thinking it was an actual fitness article with instructions on how to run a 5K or do one-armed pushups, so I am sorry to disappoint you. 334 more words

Bookish Style

I just got published!

Hey y’all! I just started writing for an online blog called The Odyssey. Check out my first piece with the link below. Share as much as you can as well! 7 more words

Book 5 - In which Odysseus thinks he knows best, but he's actually an idiot.

Books 1-4 have dealt with Telemachus and his quest to go and find his dad, for book 5, we cut to Mount Olympus. Athene tells Zeus how she feels sorry for Sean Bean (sorry, Odysseus) and that he should convince Calypso to convince her to let him go. 386 more words


Ulysses and the Paradox of Freedom

Last year the band Switchfoot released an EP of songs they recorded for a documentary tour/surf film. One of the songs is called “Liberty.” As the title suggests, it is about freedom, but it begins with a metaphor that challenges our conventional understanding of what freedom actually is: 1,439 more words


A love letter to Kennesaw State

You know that feeling you get when the underdog wins the girl in a summer romcom? Well, today, hearts are soaring at Kennesaw State University, which has gone from underdog to leading role in student Josselyn Thornton’s life. 78 more words

A Short Study into the Question of the Authorship of the Odyssey Book 24

Below is a short essay I wrote for the Coursea program with the University of Pennsylvania “Greek and Roman Mythology” for a Verified Certificate.

The final lines of… 657 more words

Textual Criticism