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The Best Advice I Have Ever Received

I was so nervous about college. I didn’t like talking about it, planning for it or even thinking about it. Everyone was so ready for the next stage in life, but I was not. 556 more words

The Odyssey

December 7, 2016

-The Odyssey

*Read pages 1009-1017

*If absent, download the activity sheet HERE


*Download the project description and scoring guideline  124 more words

Freshmen English

Being Thankful

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, a holiday set aside for being thankful for what you have and for spending time with your family. Now that the last piece of pie has been eaten and the turkey is all gone, thanksgiving has been pushed back into your brain, only to be brought back out next November. 413 more words

The Odyssey

My Built in Best Friend

I don’t remember much. After all, I was only five years old. I remember getting checked out of school early, which I thought was so cool. 591 more words

The Odyssey

4 Ways to Practice Self-care During Finals

Since finals are quickly approaching, my Odyssey article for this week is about self-care during finals week! Click here to check it out.

xoxo, Colleen… 15 more words

Self Love

Somebody is Always Watching

Somebody is always watching. They are, I promise. Someone is always paying attention to your behavior and what you say. Now before this gets creepy, you should know who I am talking about. 538 more words

The Odyssey

We should all Write

While some people are passionate about writing, others hate it. Some people write as much as they can, while others barely get their papers done for class. 345 more words

The Odyssey