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You've always known what my heart needs.

I am so used to saying awkward things that I don’t even realize I’ve done it anymore. My person handles my awkward moments in stride though. 669 more words


Started Writing "The Prince and the Pawns"

I finally wrote a bit more of The Odyssey. It’s only a short portion of the Lovino POV I’m working on, but it’s something. His point of view can be pretty damn tiring to write from, though. 327 more words

Week 8: ANOTHER TBC??!!!!

We have finally arrived at #HometownDates!!!! We’ve only been waiting for this since episode one of this season, because let’s be honest, Chase, Jordan, Luke, and Robby were the only real contenders. 5,042 more words


Green light

Last night I had the chance to visit The Odyssey in Hastings, Nebraska with my roommate and old roommate from college. One of my favorite parts of the evening was when they brought us the checks in these old books and we could read what other people had to say about the restaurant or their experience. 25 more words

Tear Down the Friend Zone

The infamous friend zone.  We’ve all been there, and we’ve probably all put someone there. A writer at The Odyssey aptly describes the friend zone as complete nonsense, and I can’t disagree. 293 more words

Friend Zone

Oedipal Complex

I was going to write this whole funny segment about how the title sounded like I was going to discuss Freudian slips, but then I realized that Oedipus has nothing to do with the epic tale, “The Odyssey.” Instead, I’m just going to casually segue to the fact that I am now a Content Creator for… 453 more words


10,000 Words on Delta

Okay, so I forgot to update this yesterday. Whoops.

So, anyway, on The Odyssey I was able to write a little bit more from Lovino’s point of view, and I’m probably going to end up developing part of Ayumu’s point of view (which is the next POV switch planned) today. 338 more words