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Color to me is a Siren’s call, something that draws me in no less than the Siren’s of Homers Odyssey did Odysseus and his men.

Florence and the Machine: The Odyssey (2016)

A visual companion to Florence and the Machine’s 2015 album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, “The Odyssey” is a 47-minute compilation of the band’s promotional music videos for the album, edited together not so much to represent a linear, traditional narrative but instead an emotional one following a difficult breakup. 64 more words

Doing things wrong.

Maybe we do things wrong.

More specifically, maybe we do things for the wrong reasons.

We do things because we want the end result. We work out because we want a nice body, we learn guitar so we can impress our friends with our talents. 126 more words


The Odyssey

The sun is shining, summer is just round the corner (hopefully), so what better time to read this classic?  Inspired by Simon Armitage’s pilgrimage, the language and flow is exquisite!

Honest Service

“’Aye, verily this is the hound of a man that has died in a far land. If he were but in form and in action such as he was when Odysseus left him and went to Troy, thou wouldest soon be amazed at seeing his speed and his strength. 1,648 more words


Book Presentation Photos

Since I’m taking a Business Writing class at Taylor University, I had to give a professional-level presentation on a topic of my choice. I chose to present my upcoming book (currently titled  133 more words

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