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Public Works Completes Its Shakespearean Trilogy with The Odyssey

An investment professional with a passion for theater, Llewellyn Connolly joined the musical adaption of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale in 2014. As part of the Public Works cast, Llewellyn Connolly portrayed the character of Camillo for three nights in Central Park’s Delacorte Theater. 116 more words

Llewellyn Connolly

Epic, Romance, and Magic

June’s theme: What makes fantasy different?

If you’ve studied literature, you might be familiar with the distinction of epic and romance. Although I’m not an expert in the subject, my understanding is that all fiction we read can theoretically be classified as either an “epic” or a “romance.” These words are a bit misleading, as the term “epic” brings to mind something very lengthy, and the term “romance” may cause us to recall cheesy films. 405 more words

What Makes Fantasy Different?

Infographic: Death in The Odyssey

Sure, everyone sympathizes with Odysseus, the man who got dragged off to fight a ten-year war and then had to face a journey home so filled with obstacles it took another ten years to make it back. 59 more words


Odyssey - Book 4 - The Old Man of the Sea - so much better than a Sat Nav.

Previously on ‘Odyssey’… Book 1 Book 2 Book 3

Telemachus and his pal Mr Pee (Peisitratus), rock up to Menelaus’s house only to discover that wedding celebrations are underway. 822 more words


Odyssey Book 3 - In which more cows are killed and the sheets are probably Egyptian cotton

Previously on ‘Odyssey’… Book 1 Book 2

So Telemachus, Athena (now in disguise as ‘Mentor’) and their crew turn up in Pylos (where they make pylons, obviously), as it’s thought that Nestor, who was at the Trojan war, will have the low-down on what happened to Odysseus. 467 more words


The first piece of travel writing?

Simon Armitage, in his book Walking Home (Faber & Faber 2012), put modern day walking projects into perspective when he looked back into history to find the earliest record of something similar. 280 more words


The World's Wife Project: Revamped/ New Page Etc.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve finally had the time to sit down and plan out what art projects I want to complete and get stuck into, and this was top of my list :) You may remember that I posted original drawings of a few of the characters in Carol Ann Duffy’s anthology ages ago, but I’ve revamped them and finished the others, and I can finally upload them at my own pace! 106 more words