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Mythology: A Woman Translates Homer’s Odyssey

It’s hard to believe now, but women learning the classics was a genuine threat to male power. Against this long background of misogyny and fear, it is surprising, but not astonishing, that the first English translation of the Odyssey by a woman has only now come out. – Annalisa Quinn, NPR.  More:


Odysseus's Mind

The Odyssey is a homecoming. It’s what the Greeks called a nostos, which means a return home, and that word is very close to the Greek word for mind, … 363 more words



I have not forgiven me
For the sins of my fathers.
The original stain
On my indelible soul.
The millstone
Weight of the world,
That keeps me here… 25 more words


The Odyssey in Text Messages

One of my students found an Iliad one and I then stumbled across these (thanks, HR). Kind of a fun way at least to review or summarize the Odyssey. 6 more words

Epic Poetry

The Odyssey, Lost and Found

I just read about Emily Wilson’s new translation of The Odyssey, described in one review as “radically contemporary and sharply attuned to the spirit and subtleties of the text.” 174 more words


Homer for the Holidays

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, and here at the Museum, we’ve been excited about one of the oldest stories about going home: … 675 more words

Dallas Museum Of Art


We got up at 4:30 on Thursday morning in St Cloud, MN. We needed to drop off the dog at the kennel by 9, and it’s a two hour drive to Clear Lake, WI from St Cloud.   370 more words