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Agriculture Day 2018

Here are pictures and poems made at my high school’s agriculture day, 20 April:

“EAT! shouted a curly-haired boy as he shoved a handful of hay toward the cattle — as if cows should listen to him. 515 more words


Odysseus's Yearning: Oil on 16" x 12" Panel

I decided to paint a scene from one of my favorite books, The Odyssey. I am an avid reader of classical works and I had just finished reading a children’s version with my daughter. 54 more words

The Odyssey

The Odyssey

Page Number: 35
9 Pages
Harper & Row
3/5 Stars
Book Number of 2018:
 20 of 30… 757 more words

Book Reviews

The Joyce/Matisse Illustrated Edition of Ulysses

Recently I met Nancy Straus at a Cliff Dwellers event and the conversation between us turned to Ulysses by James Joyce. I was astounded when Nancy mentioned to me that she owned a rare copy of the book that was signed both by Joyce and the French artist Henri Matisse and contained illustrations from etchings done by Matisse, including the front cover with its gold-embossed Nausicaa design. 176 more words

The Odyssey by Homer, Translated by Emily Wilson


From the first line of Wilson’s translation, you know this won’t be your high school textbook version of The Odyssey. “Tell me about a complicated man,” begins Wilson’s translation, turning what is often a longer line about Odysseus’ cunning into a brief, concise statement about our protagonist. 341 more words

"Ghost in a Chrome Cage" text now available

A few weeks ago, I talked about how my short story “Ghost in a Chrome Cage” was released as an audiobook.

The text for that short story just got published via The Odyssey, so you can now read it as well as listen to it: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/ghost-in-chrome-cage

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The canon is the essential literature that we assume everyone ought to read. In the twentieth century the Western Canon came under attack for being too determinedly dead, white, and male. 2,141 more words