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When Our Rights Are Being Threatened, We March

Just because we rally behind the idea of peaceful protest does not mean we aren’t angry and shaken to our bones.

Full article: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/when-our-rights-are-being-threatened-we-march

“This is not just a bunch of “crybabies” throwing a fit for not getting what they want.

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Ten lessons I would have loved to learn at the age of fourteen

Being fourteen is such a weird age. You are pretty much done with middle school, but not quite in high school. Or maybe you are in high school, but you feel unsure about things and you are not quite sure where you belong. 517 more words

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Parallels between the “Odyssey paradox” and the “Bible paradox”

In his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (Houghton Mifflin, 1976), Princeton psychologist Julian Jaynes makes the argument that in the second millenium B.C., mankind began a gradual transition from a “bicameral” or unconscious mode of thought to a subjectively conscious mode of thought, with this process accelerating in the first millenium B.C.  1,730 more words


Don't Do What You Love: How Majoring In English Inspired Me To Write

Don’t Do What You Love | The Odyssey Online

Soooo I joined my college’s chapter of The Odyssey Online! I figure this is a great way to get a portfolio, accountability for writing at least once a week, and hopefully give y’all a taste of what I’m like. 46 more words


4 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself 

This week, my Odyssey article is about ways to reconnect with yourself when you’re feeling out of touch/out of balance. I know I often feel that way in this crazy, hectic world! 14 more words

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Why the Greeks understood Love better than we do

Modern culture teaches us that success in love all depends on finding the right person. Romantic films and novels focus almost exclusively on the couple’s journey from first butterflies to the altar – think Pride and Prejudice, When Harry Met Sally, and (especially in the holiday gloom) Love Actually. 573 more words

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