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My newest article goes out to all my fellow Pisceans in honor of Pisces season beginning!

Despite all the stereotypes and jokes, Pisces are pretty awesome people. 55 more words

Eating Disorder

War and Peace in Homer

The Iliad is a war epic. The gods are at war. The Trojans and Achaeans are at war. Even factions of the Argives are at war with one another. 49 more words


Why You Should Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Happy Monday everyone!
This week, I’ve written an article about why we should all stop worrying about what other people think. People pleasing is seriously unfulfilling, and I think everyone could benefit from checking out the article to learn more. 10 more words

Self Love

Joint Book Review: Graphic Novel Edition

Hello void friends, and welcome to part three of my week bulk review! Today we are reviewing three graphic novels. I made these joint reviews because they are shorter but I still enjoyed them immensely. 275 more words

Book Review

Homer and the Life Well Lived (part 1)

A strong sense of purpose is one of the rapidly depleting resources of human will. Without our religious base that held us steady we find ourselves in world of fragile meaning, where definitions of good and bad are like steamed up labels that peel away easily when scratched and leave no trace. 466 more words

Reading Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

If there’s anything I’ve learnt at university, it’s that reading books you otherwise wouldn’t normally try can be really rewarding. A book I love, The Go-Between  890 more words

Book Discussion

Why You Need to Be Your Own Valentine First

Here it is! My latest Odyssey article, just in time for February 14th.

I’m so proud of this piece, not only because I ended up retyping the whole damn thing, but because of how it turned out. 104 more words