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The Odyssey 2

  1. Why does Nausicaa play little part after this when it looks like it could develop into quite a romance?
  2. What qualities does Odysseus reveal (and Greeks value) in the way he “deals” with Nausicaa and this delicate situation?
Greek And Roman Literature

we should all be more like dogs

This is an article that I’m writing for my internship at The Odyssey Online, which I typically keep separate from my blog, but I like this one and feel like it fits, so, here we go: 581 more words


Star Trek: Voyager - Bliss (Review)

Bliss is a textbook example of Star Trek: Voyager doing textbook Star Trek.

The episode feels like a stew composed primarily of leftovers, the residue of past meals thrown together to serve up something lukewarm and familiar. 4,673 more words

Star Trek

Review: Zachary Mason's 'The Lost Books of the Odyssey'

This is a beautiful, intelligent book. A collection of forty-four short stories that serve as retellings, gap-fillers and variations of Homer’s works, The Lost Books… 523 more words

The Odyssey, a Journey Within

The Odyssey, a Journey Within

The Plot

The Odyssey by Homer, was special to me because I saw the whole story as a journey within. Since stories come from authors’ minds, I believe they reflect how the authors see the world, the story layered with metaphors, covering a deeper meaning beneath. 1,658 more words

A Journey Within

CARPEx CSAUP - The Odyssey


As you may have heard, F3 Carpex is excited to announce the inaugural Cary/Apex CSAUP – The Odyssey! October 7th at 0600, men will set off on a journey like no other, roaming the streets and greenways of Cary, sweating, gasping for air, laughing continuously, working hard, and sweating some more. 358 more words



There’s a pretty compelling theory that people couldn’t see blue, or at least didn’t recognize it as not a shade of some other color, until they discovered a way to make blue dye. 48 more words