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Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein
Odysseus and Penelope, 1802
Oil on canvas

In a much-studied sequence of Homer’s Odysseythe old maid Eurýkleia bathes a beggar’s feet only to discover the precise scar that she knows to be of her lord, Odysseus. 701 more words

Who's Your Daddy?

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad, dads-to-be, grandfathers, role models, and other guardian-types of the masculine persuasion!
And a very much more specific bucket o’ love to my own cher papa. 604 more words

Movement in Homer’s The Odyssey

I am not a poet, but Homer’s Odyssey makes me want to write as beautifully and simply as he does. The Odyssey has become one of my favorite novels because of beautiful lines like: “Side by side the two men took their ease there on smooth stone benches” (125). 954 more words

Book Reviews

On Bob Dylan's Influences from Literature

Bob Dylan recently recorded a lecture for his 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, which you can watch below:

Dylan beautifully describes how three works of literature—Herman Melville’s… 256 more words


Academic Abominations (Or: Poor Papers from College) #5: The Homeric Epics and Evolutionary Psychology

Homer’s epic poems of the Iliad and the Odyssey remain seminal works in the western canon of literature, and are still being studied and adapted after over a thousand years of its composition. 2,055 more words


The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger - a review by Melissa

Rereading favourite books can bring pleasure. But when there’s an element of tragedy in said book, it’s exquisite torture.

After devouring the last book in the… 370 more words


World Spaces of the Sea: A Childhood of Love on the High Seas

“O, come, be buried
A second time within these arms” (They embrace)
– From Pericles

I don’t quite remember when I fell in love with the idea seafaring, or the trope of ocean-divided loves. 3,553 more words