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Why You Should Be Picky with Friendships in Your 30's

In an early episode of the NBC comedy 30 Rock, Liz Lemon– a quirky, food-obsessed comedy writer–is considering breaking up with her boyfriend, Dennis. He is, after all, a terrible human being. 435 more words

Joyful Parenting.

13 finished/canceled TV shows (part 1)

I like the number 13. End of story.

I also like to watch series that have already end. You can really get into the series world, you can binge watch it, you can check if it ends good or bad (yep, done that, ain’t nobody got time to watch something that’s gonna end up like… 923 more words


Working For The Man

I am tired as hell! I never thought working two jobs would make me feel this exhausted. And it’s my first week! But, on the plus side the days do go by faster, although that can also be looked as a bad thing seeing I’m wasting my young precious life slaving away to for… 249 more words


The Soup Snake

“‘Soul mates’ is what you aim for, but soup snakes is what you get sometimes”

Problem remain:

I don’t even have a soup snake.

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How I Think Each Female Office Character Would Give Head

One of my favorite shows ever is the Office. Another one of my favorite things to do is to imagine what kind of toppy a female gives. 518 more words

20 times Michael Scott understood teaching

Michael Scott may be a delusional, socially inept narcissist, but sandwiched between his racist or sexist comments and “That’s what she said” jokes are gems of misguided wisdom and raw emotion that anyone, but especially teachers (read: fellow circus ringleaders), can appreciate. 991 more words

Administrative On-Demand: The Administrative Profession and the Uber Business Model

by Melissa Mahoney

You may have seen recent articles touting the Uber business model as the new wave of the future in many professions, including the administrative profession. 844 more words

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