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Just Another Day at Work (So is it Fall or Winter? I don't even know anymore)(11/16/18)

So after I wrote the blog post last night and was about to go to bed, the time was striking 5AM at this point, I realized something incredibly unpleasant- my headphones were missing. 1,012 more words


Train Your Boss

by W.E. Caswell

It is safe to say that most supervisors—or other titled people who oversee staff—have not mastered the art and skill of managing. It follows that most employees under those bosses are managed inadequately. 1,200 more words


Dwight Schru... I mean Hue Jackson Has Found a New Job

What a day it is in the NFL when fans of any team can come together and make fun of a common theme. Hue Jackson has found a job just two weeks after he was fired by the Browns. 156 more words


Money Matters: The Urge to Shop

An update in my self-talk group of posts about money.

I’m continuing to succeed only variously at getting Out of The Office. This morning, I volunteered with… 428 more words


Do You Know What You Want?

by Carla Howard

It’s hard to get what you want in life, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what that is.

Sound silly? Many of us wander through our day, week, or year without clarity on what we are working toward. 465 more words


Freehand Colored Pencil Drawing of Steve Carell as Michael Scott

If I had to pick one, I think my all-time favorite TV show would be the US version of The Office. At times, it captures office life quite well, but it’s the characters I love coming back to. 98 more words


Episode 46: Ariana Grande is Right and Justin Timberlake is Wrong

“Thank u next” – Ashley (@ashleyhammm) and Claire (@clairethescare) at Justin Timberlake’s autobiography.

This week Ashley and Claire take a deep dive into “Thank u, next” by Ariana Grande (@ 120 more words