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Game of Thrones: Season 2.

Okay I lied. I actually started the binge-watching in the middle of Season 2 — on Episode 5.

Previous to Episode 5, I had been plodding along, moving through my reliable trauma-processing ritual and making fairly consistent progress through the show.  680 more words

Notes to Help You Keep Track on Game of Thrones - A Man Without Honor

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, so I didn’t have the great pleasure of covering the past 2 episodes in detail (which would have been fun, but we can only move forward). 2,496 more words


Game of Thrones: The Old Gods and the New (2x06)

Die alten Götter und die neuen – welche werden die Überhand gewinnen? Vielleicht sind die neuen Götter einfach die alten, die dazugelernt haben? Alte Götter verschwinden nicht, genauso wie  das Begehren nach Macht in einem Menschen. 867 more words


"The Old Gods and the New" - Game of Thrones (2x06) Recap

Last night’s Game of Thrones set the stage for the back half of the season in a way that deviated from the books, and left fans of the series wondering what the hell was going to happen. 163 more words


And now I’ve struck a king! Did my hand wither and fall off?

Didn’t I just talk about the joys of watching Tyrion slap Joffrey?  “The Old Gods and The New” proves that some gags never get old… now if only he’d head up to Winterfell.  801 more words

Television Review

Game of Thrones - "The Old Gods and the New" [Podcast]

“The Old Gods and the New”

May 8th, 2012

As I had noted on Twitter, and as many of you seem to have discovered after visiting the site yesterday, this weekend didn’t provide enough time to do a full review of “The Old Gods and the New” justice. 205 more words