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Judges Chapter 1

When Moses was preparing the people for his death, the Lord called Joshua as the next prophet and leader of Isreal. Joshua had the duty of leading the people into the land of Canaan, and dividing the inheritances among the tribes, as well as reminding them of the laws God had given to them. 1,873 more words

The Old Testament

As we celebrate Resurrection Day, the world edges closer to nuclear war

The Nuclear Genie Is Out of the Bottle, and It’s America’s Fault

by Rev. Paul J. Bern

On July 16th, 1945, the ‘Trinity’ nuclear test plunged humanity into the Atomic Age. 957 more words


Joshua Chapter 24

This is the final sermon of the prophet Joshua, to the Israelite people. Joshua had been one who had walked with Moses during the wanderings in the wilderness. 2,055 more words

The Old Testament

Joshua Chapter 23

The role of a prophet, in ancient times as well as today, has been to “act as God’s messenger and make known God’s will.” ( 1,260 more words

The Old Testament

Joshua Chapter 22

When the tribes of Israel had conquered the land on the eastern side of the Jordan, across from Jericho, they took some time to encamp there. 2,348 more words

The Old Testament

One-Word Themes for All the Books of the Bible

The Old Testament Genesis Beginnings Exodus Deliverance Leviticus Instruction Numbers Journeys Deuteronomy Obedience Joshua Conquest Judges Deterioration and deliverance Ruth Redemption 1 Samuel Transition 2 Samuel… 235 more words

Joshua Chapter 21

When the children of Israel were promised an inheritance in the land of Canaan, the tribe of Levi were not included. This was because, this tribe was chosen by the Lord and dedicated to the service of the Lord. 1,455 more words

The Old Testament