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The Midterm

Prior to last weeks strike, students were filling classrooms preparing for midterms at Bloomsburg. The stress, the knowledge, and the books were all just memories until this morning when it was time to return to class again. 945 more words

Bible As Literature 221-01

1 Kings Chapter 5

King Solomon had established his kingdom in peace. His father, David, had been given the promise that the time for a more permanent house to the Lord would be after his reign, and during the reign of his Son, when their was peace. 1,044 more words

The Old Testament

The Old Testament

Saint Luke the Evangelist, 2016
October 18

The Christian Context
After the resurrection, Jesus Christ tells his disciples, “‘These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you—that everything written about me in the law of Moses, the prophets, and the psalms must be fulfilled.’ Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures” (Saint Luke 24:44-45a). 1,427 more words


1 Kings Chapter 4

King Solomon had been blessed with wisdom and wealth by the hand of the Lord. Due to his wisdom, which had been shown as he judged the people, he was revered throughout the land. 1,399 more words

The Old Testament

1 Kings Chapter 3

After the death of King David, the kingdom had been established greatly under Solomon. He had rid his kingdom of those who he knew would have destroyed it with rebellion. 1,871 more words

The Old Testament

Because I Am a Girl 女の子だから

I had lunch with my sister for the first time in a while two days ago. There are all sorts of bread in Japan and all of them are so good. 395 more words

Japanese Food

The Ancient Near East & A Classical Education

I remember vividly looking at the syllabus for 9th grade history and wondering, “How will I ever teach an entire semester of Mesopotamian history?” Once the panic attack subsided, I slowly divided the semester into manageable units arranged around the peoples and empires on the syllabus with names like, “Sumer & Akkad,” “The Assyrians,” “The Neo-Assyrians,” “the Mitanni,” and on and on. 1,568 more words