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2 Samuel Chapter 18

An Israelite army, led by Absalom, was prepared to fight against David and his people. David had fled Jerusalem and gone into the wilderness for safety. 2,113 more words

The Old Testament

2 Samuel Chapter 17

Ahithophel was the former counselor to King David, who joined the conspiracy of Absalom, to overthrow David. Once David had fled Jerusalem, Ahithophel had become Absalom’s counselor. 1,740 more words

The Old Testament

2 Samuel Chapter 16

Absalom, the son of King David, had conspired to take over Jerusalem. David and those who were loyal to him, had fled the city and Absalom had taken it for himself. 1,428 more words

The Old Testament

The Books of the Scribes

The first and second books of Chronicles records the genealogies of the Promised One, from Adam to Noah and from Noah to Zedekiah. Also documented is the construction of the First Temple of Yahweh by king Solomon. 64 more words


Family, Strangers and the Needy

The Bible kindly suggests that retirement is not an option, with always another calling to consider.  As life expectancy was altered following the introduction of sin by Adam and Eve, things changed.  299 more words


2 Samuel Chapter 15

Absalom was the son of David, whom he was reconciled with several years after Absalom had killed his other son. However, the promise and curse to David, was that his house would continue to see the sword from the time that he had planned the death of Uriah. 2,097 more words

The Old Testament

2 Samuel Chapter 14

Absalom, was the son of David, who had killed his brother out of revenge. He had fled to Geshur, where he had family from his Mother’s side. 2,148 more words

The Old Testament