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1 Samuel Chapter 12

The Israelites had been led by prophets and judges for many years. Samuel had been called to be their prophet and leader, but the people had desired to have a king as well. 1,602 more words

The Old Testament

1 Samuel Chapter 11

Saul was anointed and made king over the Israelite people, because of their wish for a king to rule them. Part of his role as their king, was to lead them in their interactions with other nations, especially to deliver them from enemies, but he had yet to assume this role. 1,036 more words

The Old Testament

1 Samuel Chapter 10

The Lord gave a revelation to the prophet Samuel, that Saul was to be the king of Israel. Saul was told that he was the answer to the prayers of Israel, and was given honor at a meal with Samuel. 2,245 more words

The Old Testament

1 Samuel Chapter 9

The people of Israel had tired of their system of judges, and desired to have a king. The Lord consented, allowing the Israelites full use of their agency, even though it could bring the people to turn away from Him. 2,205 more words

The Old Testament


In an attempt to continue blogging (and avoiding homework), I’ve decided to write another post. I’m also writing because I got into an argument last Friday with someone over the Old Testament . 939 more words


1 Samuel Chapter 8

Samuel was called to be the prophet of the Lord, when he was a young boy serving with Eli in the temple. He helped deliver the Israelites from the Philistines, through prayer and fasting to the Lord. 1,771 more words

The Old Testament

1 Samuel Chapter 7

After several months of plagues, death and destruction, the Philistine lords returned the ark of the covenant to the Israelites. It was returned to the land of Beth-shemesh. 1,025 more words

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