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Judges Chapter 17

There had been several judges who had led Israel since the time of Joshua’s death. The Israelites were in bondage to the Philistines. They had been led by Samson, who sacrificed his own life in captivity among the Philistine leaders, in order to destroy them. 835 more words

The Old Testament

Judges Chapter 16

Samson was a judge in Israel, who had been raised by his parents, as a Nazarite. He had made covenants with God, and had been blessed with mighty strength as a gift of the spirit. 2,247 more words

The Old Testament

Judges Chapter 15

Samson had been raised as a Nazarite by his parents, with the hopes in helping to deliver Israel from bondage. This was the promise from the Lord, before he had been born, if he would remain faithful to his covenants. 1,234 more words

The Old Testament

Does Judaism really favor pluralism?


Recently, we have witnessed three major examples of intolerance in the State of Israel. First, the Mayor of Rehovot and the President of Israel refused to allow a Conservative/Masorti rabbi to officiate at a Bar/Bat mitvah ceremony for children with special needs. 1,299 more words

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Judges Chapter 14

Samson was born and raised as a Nazarite. He was a man of covenant with the Lord, who had been blessed with spiritual gifts in order to begin the deliverance of Israel from the Philistines. 1,597 more words

The Old Testament

Judges Chapter 13

During the time of judges in Israel, men were chosen and raised up to deliver the people and lead them in their battles with other nations. 1,542 more words

The Old Testament