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1 Kings Chapter 21

Jezebel was the wife of King Ahab, and queen of the northern kingdom of Israel. She was a follower of Baal and had led many away from the Lord. 1,789 more words

The Old Testament

The Hand Behind the Plan

The origin of the hand of God likely began during the reign of King Belshazzar.  Following the Babylonian’s conquest of Israel and subsequent exile, the hand of God arrived on the scene.  228 more words


1 Kings Chapter 20

The Israelite nation had seen peace in the days of Solomon, when he ruled in wisdom. Then, he fell away from righteousness and the Lord, bringing the threat of other nations upon his people. 2,781 more words

The Old Testament


“RUNNERS take your marks,” the starter barks his signal, and the crowd turns quiet attention to the athletes walking towards the line. “Get set”… in position now, muscles tense, nervously anticipating the sound of the gun.  1,315 more words

The Old Testament


GET UP… leave… take off – these words are good ones for those trapped or enslaved. Some resist their marching orders, however, preferring present surroundings to a new, unknown environment.  1,168 more words

The Old Testament


THE MOULDED bunny lies in the basket, surrounded by green paper “grass”. With Easter morning eyes wide with anticipation, the little boy carefully lifts the chocolate figure and bites into one of the long ears.  1,159 more words

The Old Testament


DRAMA, power, romance, intrigue – this is the stuff of which best-selling novels are made. But far from a modern piece of fiction, those words describe a true story, lived and written centuries ago.  1,262 more words

The Old Testament