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2 Kings Chapter 12

While Jehu ruled in Israel, Joash began his reign in Judah. Joash, according to the header in this chapter, was also known as Jehoash. He was annointed to be the king, by the high priest Jehoiada. 1,498 more words

The Old Testament

What Is Your Understanding of “Blessings”

       Although those born in this age are subject to the corruption of Satan and filthy demons, it is also true that they are able to gain great salvation due to this corruption, even greater than the livestock carpeting the mountains and the plains and the considerable family property that  1,381 more words

Eastern Lightning

2 Kings Chapter 11

The destruction of the house of Ahab had occurred in Israel, following the death of Joram at the hand of Jehu. When Joram had been killed, Jehu had also killed Ahaziah, king of Judah. 1,371 more words

The Old Testament

2 Kings Chapter 10

Jehu had been anointed king of Israel, by the direction of the Lord to Elisha, the prophet. This resulted in a rising up against the existing kings, Joram of Israel and Ahijah of Judah, as well as the wicked Jezebel, wife of King Ahab. 2,122 more words

The Old Testament

God of the Impossible

If you follow, read or watch the news, it’s hard to remain positive.  Like the down trodden in this life, hope can disappear for extended periods of time.  264 more words


2 Kings Chapter 9

Elisha, the prophet, is described in such a way, that he could have been considered the prophet and high priest, or president of the church of God in his day. 2,454 more words

The Old Testament

2 Kings Chapter 8

Elisha was the prophet in the Northern Kingdom of Israel during the time of the king Jehoram. He had performed several miracles which have been recorded. 1,820 more words

The Old Testament