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I’d never been to Waco.  It probably isn’t hard for a lot of people to imagine, because maybe they’ve never been to Waco either.   However, I grew up in Texarkana, only 4 hours away.   1,027 more words

The Olive Branch: May

Well, it’s almost the end of June so I guess it’s about time we looked back at May! And, my goodness, May was a month crammed full of national holidays for us here at the Olive Branch… 731 more words

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The Olive Branch Shower Gel from Lush

For the longest time I didn’t give any attention to the The Olive Branch Shower Gel at all. Stupidly I just turned my nose up without even giving it a sniff, I see the word Olive and that was that. 574 more words

Lush Cosmetics

The Olive Branch: April

Spring is swiftly moving towards summer and today (in mid-May) we’ve got temperatures of 36 celsius! Better have a quick look back at April before spring becomes a far-off memory and I forget what the colour green looks like (Israeli summers have a rather yellow/brown tint!). 325 more words

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The Olive Branch: February and March

Golly gosh, where is the year going? My aim was to write an Olive Branch update at the end of every month but somehow February got away from me and now it’s already the first week of April! 665 more words

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The Olive Branch

Walking into The Olive Branch we received the warmest of welcomes; the staff were charming, chatty and engaging, like going to a friends for dinner. The floor to ceiling windows, stripped wooden floorboards and bare brick walls give the bistro a bright, stylish look while still managing to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. 176 more words