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The Breakup Letter

I know that this letter will never reach you. This will be a mere soliloquy. But I wanted to write this piece in the air and hope that it evaporates somehow. 309 more words


Show me your books!

No, I said BOOKS!!!

I’ve set up a Pinterest board just for you, my stunningly gorgeous readers. Email me a selfie with one of my books (ebook or paperback) to mbfeeneyauthor@gmail.com and, with your permission, I’ll showcase them on the board for the world to see. 57 more words


Blown Away!

The last time I did a free promotion of one of my books, about 50 people downloaded it. I admit to feeling a little despondent, especially when it didn’t lead to reviews or other sales. 350 more words


The One That Got Away: Love on a Dishtowel

A hardworking, conscientious girl. A boy with a massive crush. The sweet story of young love. How do you capture that in a few stitches? 549 more words

Celebrating Hands At Home

Drake and Drive

Man this new Drake (Wednesday Night Interlude ft PND) has got me wide awake almost convinced I miss a certain somebody. I keep replaying our last conversation over and over again in my head. 45 more words


The one you let get away

The one that got away, they always said there would be one. I didn’t expect how long it would last.

Today I saw that person. The one who you thought you got over. 798 more words


an open letter to: the guy who lost the girl

Dear Guy Who Lost the Girl,

I know you didn’t mean to. It was an accident; an honest mistake. You had good intentions. Probably some of the best you’ve ever had. 698 more words