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Letters to The One-1.2

Dear Not The One Anymore,
Expectations lead to disappointments,they say-and they’re absolutely right.You never promised me anything,so how could I expect anything from you?!
But I did..😅 427 more words



My life has never been a straight line.  Always taking the harder, longer route.  But now?  Circles.  My life is circles.  Everything comes back.  Especially men. 180 more words


The Realization

Ryan had plagued my mind for about a year. He was always the one in the back of my head. His memory had a permanent place engraved in my brain and had been reminding me of what I lost for some time after I had lost it. 791 more words

The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away?

No, I’m not covering Katy Perry’s song (I can’t sing, no really). But honestly, what if you’re the one that got away? An article I read recently in a Fashion magazine (which I have now made a mental note to subscribe to because of how mentally stimulating I found its articles) posed this question back to me. 590 more words


The One That Got Away

He was the happy crush I never knew I would someday share my life with. He was the guy I could only like from a distance. 738 more words

Love And Inspiration

To The One Who (Really) Got Away

Dear You,

Ours was a different kind of love.

We, polar opposites, started out as unlikely friends with unclear intentions and different hopes and dreams. 707 more words


Unexpected Return

You probably thought this story was over. That I would have ended it at that and just let everyone think that I had eventually moved on. 951 more words

The One That Got Away