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Last Love Letter

Tomorrow’s supposed to be our 9th year together. But shit happened soooo… I’ll be lying on my bed tomorrow, cry my eyes out, pity myself for all the stupid reasons I can think of and then…that’s it. 1,263 more words

The Bomber bummer: my appointment with disappointment.

The trials and tribulations of denying yourself the jacket you most want. Why? Because I was I was starting to resemble a potato in a really great jacket…for the full story, read on. 692 more words

the one that got away; a review

Book 21 of 2016

Introducing Abbey Lahey…

Abbey Lahey is instantly charming to readers, captivating us with her clumsy, self-deprecating nature right off the bat. No, she’s not charming in the “ 516 more words


The one that got away

In another life I would be your girl. We’d keep all our promises. Be us against the world. In another life I would make you stay so I don’t have to say you were the one that got away. 781 more words

Two Cents

To The One Who Left But Never Came Back

Hey, you. Where are you? Where were you?

Do you still have the same favorite perfume? Same favorite shirt? Same favorite movie? Or you’re just a changed person altogether already? 421 more words

It Took Me Two Years To Realize That You're The One That Got Away


You were a person who made me feel whole again. A love that made me feel at home. You were a person who made me laugh when I wanted to cry. 603 more words

S U M M Ë R • S N Ò W S T Ò R M

Remember 7 years ago?
I remember.

I was living too deep inside my head,
You couldn’t reach me.
I knew I had to say goodbye. 123 more words