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The bad thing about girls that know they are special? They won’t wait for you. Keep up or she’ll be out of your grasp.


Oh, love is so ironic.

Why is it that life seems to mock me, when it comes to love?

When I have been thinking about this one person again, the one that got away, for some days now more than before and then I see this same person on a social media platform posting a song and its lyrics that so completely describe my feelings towards this one special person – and still I know, the words are not meant for me. 35 more words

Inner Conflicts

TOTGA (The One That Got Away)

03rd October, 2015. 6:43am

You know that someone you used to love but for some reason you two just go on your own separate ways? Could be the one that got away or not, but someone who mean so much to you before and then, all of a sudden, you found that he’s already married or is getting married? 24 more words



I describe you
As the one that got away.
But that’s not true.
After all,
I’m the one who tore it up
And did not allow myself… 16 more words


A Mere Illusion.

I live today, just to pass away tomorrow. I might be the girl you passed by today at the street opposite your house, or might I be the lone girl sitting at the table next to yours at the coffee place you visited just today evening. 206 more words


Lost--A Glitch in the WordPress Posting System

Lost–A Glitch in the WordPress Posting System

Ironically, my post for the Daily Prompt (Entitled Lost: The Ones that (Fortunately) Got Away)  has been lost in the Reader. 296 more words

Daniel Romano - The One That Got Away

I’m afraid that I’m going to lose you. A week isn’t a long time. Hell, three months isn’t either yet here we are together, making plans for the future, getting ready to blow this town and once again you come to me and tell me you’ve been talking to him. 348 more words