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Maybe I Was Supposed To Be 'The One Who Got Away'

Maybe you were right. Maybe I am the one that got away but I don’t think its a bad thing that I got away. I believe I should really get away from you and it’s not your fault. 681 more words

30 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Don’t Know Whether Or Not You Should Give It Another Shot

1. Do you think that person regrets letting you go the first time?

2. Do you see tangible changes in their behavior in general?

3. 329 more words

To The One Who Never Gave Me A Chance

This is a letter to you. What shall I call you? The One? My love? My heart and soul? The one who got away?

Well, I would say no, because you are neither of the above. 311 more words

The one that got away

The one that got away. . . we all have a the one that got away, whether it was always bad timing, one of you was always with someone else when the other one was single. 279 more words


The one that got away

I like this boy, he doesn’t know, we’re just friends. I wrote this a few days ago

And somehow we have become friends, the ones who talk with meaning… 190 more words

Tbh, I Still Think About Marrying You

I know, I know.

It’s been years since you and I were together.

I know that we’ve moved on – dated other people, changed cities, advanced our lives as independent units who don’t make decisions as a team anymore. 390 more words

The One That Got Away From Chuck

Every so often in the fly fishing game you come across a particular fish or run that will haunt you. The haunting often comes because the fish can’t be caught or because maybe you’ve managed to trick the fish into eating your fly only to have it break you off or throw the hook.   450 more words

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