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What If The One That Got Away Came Back?

What if one day he came back? What if he has still feelings for you? What if you’re still not committed to anyone. What if this is the perfect timing for both of you? 150 more words

Love Adventure

Raising the Bar

The smile I wore on my home from Ryan’s house the last time I saw him was still in full force the next day. Every thought in my head was dedicated to him. 856 more words

The One That Got Away

The one that could've been

People change, that’s one of the thousands of reasons couples split up. Sometimes, though, the changes happen so fast in one of them that they never actually become an official couple in the first place. 218 more words


The Movie

The day after my rather unorthodox date with Ryan was a very long day. Let me tell you. Boredom is so much more intense when you have big plans for later in the day and absolutely nothing to do until then. 810 more words

The One That Got Away

To the guy who left ,
                  I dont know the reason why you left and thats the saddest part. knowing I’m not worth an explanation and I will continue to wonder why , every night I’ll ask myself why and what happened between… 449 more words

The First Date (part 2)

“Looks like the end, we should head back.” He said. I sighed out of relief to myself and agreed. We started walking back and not even halfway there he grabbed my arm and twisted me towards him and planted an oddly gentle kiss on my lips. 416 more words

The One That Got Away

The First Date (part 1)

It was the day after Ryan had first messaged me. I was so excited. After talking to him the entire previous day, I found that I already had a crush on they guy. 800 more words

The One That Got Away