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Listen: Harold Green - #FFTL2015 Al Green - "Simply Beautiful" feat. The Ones

One of my favorite things about February is Harold Green‘s Flowers For the Living series. It’s a beautiful marriage of poetry, music, and energy. This is just a taste of a more extensive multi-course meal.

Get the rest here.

Loving yourself ensures that you can love others better.


You draw people to you naturally who enjoy your time, energy and presence. These are the people your peeps. Enjoy them.


If you live alone you can hug yourself or your Teddy Bear.


The one about A, B, and C

It happened just last weekend, and it was a glorious day in Florida.

You see, I was at Beach Bar A, and had just spoken briefly to a wonderful woman, Woman B. 507 more words


The One About the Great Fire of 1986

Ah, Philadelphia was a magical city for a small child, full of wonder, history and terror.  It was an excellent place to learn the valuable lessons as a child that would come to inform some of my decision making later in life. 579 more words