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For the Love of Cars

Some people love cars. They romanticise them, taking great pride in shining, dusting, polishing and admiring them. The thought of driving the open roads, engines purring like cats, fills them with glee. 594 more words

Humorous Writing

The Road Trip - London to Madrid

So here we were in the car, driving from Madrid from London to open a new chapter in our lives, car packed to the hilt with as many belongings as we could stuff into it, kids squished into the back between the computer, dog on my lap and the audio books of David Walliams playing on the stereo (his children’s books are really funny).   447 more words


The Call of the Open Road

Although I spend a lot of time and column inches writing about urban cycling, what gets me really excited is going rural on the bike.  It’s a big reason why, when it was time to buy a new bike a few years back, I went with a long distance, drop bar, ride over anything rig.   628 more words

Bicycle Tourism

Coming This Week: January 24th - 30th

Week one in Texas was smooth, although the cool temps surprised me.  I know that it rains in Texas but I’m never ready for it.  This week should be a nice, enjoying the sights in San Antonio.   135 more words

Travel Life

Stetson XXX Open Road


This hat was made by the John B. Stetson Company.  It is their iconic Open Road style, with a thin ribbon, narrow binding and a fedora flanged brim. 14 more words


Day 329

Today I am grateful for quick reflexes and good brakes.

A long stretch of pitch black, night soaked, in the middle of nowhere Texas country road. 182 more words