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Seven Iconic Road Trips For A Classic American Summer Vacation

The American road trip is a thing of beauty. It has so many weird permutations, so many serpentine variations. It’s an adventure that offers a chance for… 2,740 more words


Be a Traveler in This World

Embodying the spirit of a traveler in this world has a lot more to do with the way we approach life than it is about getting more stamps on our passport. 644 more words


Are We There Yet?

“Because what is art really? Art is ordinary life transformed through the medium of a human being, who experiences some momentary connection to it.  And it’s in that connection, that art is formed.” -Joel Meyerowitz… 366 more words


For the Love of Cars

Some people love cars. They romanticise them, taking great pride in shining, dusting, polishing and admiring them. The thought of driving the open roads, engines purring like cats, fills them with glee. 594 more words

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