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My Top 5 Tips For Writing A TMA

1 – FUEL – I know it’s bad but I fuel my TMA writing sessions with chocolate! I’m certain that it actually wakes my brain up and helps me to focus. 391 more words

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How online courses are changing forever the way we learn

Fig.1 A publicity still from my own short film ‘Listening In.’ Did you catch it on Channel 4? I know seven people who did

Marshall McLuhan had a lot to say about the medium being the message when TV came along in the 1960s. 676 more words


'Greek tragedy on the small screen' is revived in Birmingham!

Just as we have brought to a close our fourth and final season of screenings at BFI Southbank, marking the end of a wonderful four years of collaboration on the topics of… 734 more words


Grab It While You Can

It’s Sunday and all is calm in the house. I’m wondering why… It’s rarely calm in a busy house of 5.

The main reason that I’m writing a post today is because my son Alfie is desperate to read a new post. 169 more words

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7 Reasons I Love Being An OU Student

There are lots of reasons to love being an OU student but these are my reasons. It’s an individual process, you see. Everyone’s OU journey is unique (just take a look at the #ificananyonecan via @OUSciStudent on Twitter for an idea of the spectrum). 569 more words

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That Friday Feeling

I wanted to do a post to show that it’s not all negative being an Open University student. Of course it’s not, but I realise that many of my posts contain details of my struggles. 258 more words

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The Problem of Evil: Deliver Us From Temptation

Please watch the short video:

The illustrator and narrator have asked that continually nagging question: How can there be a good God yet all this bad in the world? 341 more words