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Influencing Me: Looking at Three of My Favourite Artists

There were good intentions to get you an Introduction post today, but unfortunately I didn’t get myself organized and I couldn’t get someone. It doesn’t happen to often, so I hope you will forgive me. 566 more words


Ilana Dent's Medicine Box - Part 3

Ilana quickly threw up her own barricade. She was furious at me for even broaching the subject. This time I frightened her. She faced me, blinking rapidly, a dry-eye tic, a subtle symptom of systemic deterioration, her fluttery eye movements making a disconcerting clicking sound. 1,315 more words


New Beginnings

In this episode, TAL – then called ”Your Radio Playhouse” – debuted with its raison détre: Stories.

For years I have tossed around the notion that the stories that TAL tells are landscapes: of sounds, emotions, place, and imagination. 345 more words


PRAYER: The Sanctity Of The Ordinary, by Richard J. Foster

From Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home

Do not forget that the value and interest of life is not so much to do conspicuous things. .

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Posts on the Mass as a Musical Form

The Mass

Musicologists study liturgical music. Lay music has existed for a long time. There have been troubadours, trouvères and minnesinger who wrote and sang humble songs. 371 more words


The Good Stuff

My 17 year old daughter asked me yesterday in a conversation what the happiest moment of my life was.  I was hard pressed to come up with one answer.  403 more words

Best of 2014: My favorite posts of the year

Technically, I should have posted this yesterday when the calendar still said 2014. But the previous year is still within the 24-hour mark so I think I am okay. 67 more words