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So Much For NaBloPoMo

The best laid plans and all that … Now to see if I can finish out NaNoWriMo.

The Other Ones

Addicting Info – Are You A Christian? Feeling Repressed? Here Are 7 Ways To Tell If You Are Really Being Persecuted

Now you all know that I rarely write things that are overtly political or inflammatory … well, I try not to … but I read this well worded article today and it really spoke to me. 1,430 more words


It's Not Just About the Grilled Cheese: The Music and Magic of The Grateful Dead Scene

Earlier we talked to someone who shared her thoughts about what it was like to be “on tour” with the band. What it was like in the lot, what they did to earn a living and more. 1,152 more words


Why I Love Trader Joe's

“The founder envisioned a market for “overeducated, underpaid” shoppers”.

I KNEW I loved Trader Joe’s for a reason!

I am SO glad there is one nearby that I can stop at before and after radio shifts! 559 more words

The Other Ones

What is Your Dominant Character Trait

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Well. There is a surprise. I took it. The quiz.


And got ambition.


But I’m NOT classically “I want to run the world” ambitious. 396 more words

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