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Donald Trump: Gaslighting America

America is being gaslighted by Donald Trump. Since beginning his campaign last June, we have repeatedly reeled in shock at offensive comments that have come from his mouth. 1,242 more words


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More pertinent now than ever. Classic technique used by abusers. And suddenly I realize that this is exactly what was done to me a few years ago. No wonder I ... well ... we'll leave that for another day ... another blog post.

Everything has to work...

Everything has to work. Everything has to work for you, even if you don’t like some things, even those things have to be things that work for your displeasure. 1,957 more words

Problems And Solutions

Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.

Okay … you’ve got my attention.

I read. I laughed. I reposted.

Because of the comment a friend made when I posted that, I followed the link down two layers and read this man’s obit. 353 more words



A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes …

The Other Ones

Enter 2016

On 48 hours I’ve managed to leave house twice (for food, chips & ice cream), watched 8 episodes of Game of Thrones, listened to Spotify Weekly playlist three times, had two dates cancelled (All odds on the Wednesday date will happen AND rock – insert anxious smiley!), been drinking 3 liters of thea, 0,5 l coffee, smoked NO cigarettes (hence the ice cream), drinking NO alcohol (hence the chips and date cancelling), had NO showers, NO workout (sucks), looked at 3 job offers, researched apartments in Sydhavnen which led to a search on houseboats, which led to giving up on finding new apartment. 124 more words


Re-Turn Re-Run 2015

So… With trembling hands, and a minor anxiety attack I am behind the computer to write again. Different reasons for being so, the return that is 1) Finishing my thesis, had me feeling nauseous of keyboards, now 6 months later I miss it – the writing, not he thesis! 495 more words


On the Road in Lithuania, Part II: an ancestor found

Vidas made some astounding discoveries while I was in Lithuania.  Please understand, I do not speak word one of Lithuanian.  In Vilnius, people spoke English, but in the countryside, not so much. 369 more words

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O M G I am pretty sure this is the man who contacted me this morning via email. His GG-Mother and my GG-Father were siblings. I also was told my roots were in Germany !!! An exciting day to be sure!!!!