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SGJ: A Profile

From Stephen Graham Jones’s website, it is clear horror, sci-fi, and thrillers are his jam. The website title is demon theory, but not everything on there is that scary. 771 more words

Little Donald And Rabies

Little Donald was pissed. If the Obama administration had employed Extreme Vetting, he, Little Donald, might not have contracted rabies.


Little Donald And The Bargain

“Sacrificed? Of course I’ve sacrificed. I traded my soul for these exceptional good lucks. And that was a bargain. People tell me it was a bargain.” — Little Donald


Little Donald And Prep School

Donald Jr. was accepted at Bowel Prep, admittedly the shittiest of the New York prep schools.


Little Donald And The Baby

“Get That Baby Out of Here”, Donald Jr remembered his father shouting to the nanny. And he was pretty sure he’d be able to use that line himself one day, to great effect.


Little Donald's Mouth

“I’m sorry. I say out loud the things that I am thinking. But folks, don’t judge me on THAT !!!” — Little Donald


Little Donald's Friend

“Oink. I said Oink. I’ve been saying this all along. believe me folks. And you love me for it. You love me for it. You know who else says oink? 20 more words