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Chapter 29: Triumph

“No!” Nixie screamed. She scrambled to her feet, limping because of her injured ankle. She grabbed her bow notched an arrow and aimed it at Queen Darkfire. 787 more words


Chapter 28: Sacrifice

Nixie took another step forward.

“I accept your challenge, Your Highness,” Nixie repeated loudly. Queen Darkfire raised an eyebrow, staring daggers at Nixie. Nixie stared determinedly back. 957 more words


Chapter 27: The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

The three were pushed out of the cell, with the skeletons monitoring their every move. As the prisoners walked past the many cells imprisoning the howling creatures, they howled and screeched even louder. 982 more words


Soul Group: Your Real Family

Do you ever feel a connection to someone so strong that you feel closer than your “real/biological” family?

Remember, yes family is so important, but it’s who we were given to be born with; it doesn’t mean we have a soul connection to them. 513 more words

The Other Side

The Other Side: Atlas Genius

When I first heard Atlas Genius a few years back, I thought oh great another generic radio band that sounds like everything else. Recently though, I was sent this new track “Molecules” and noticed myself tapping my foot and bobbing my head. 15 more words

The Other Side

An open letter to my seventeen year old brother

It’s 4.40 in the morning and you just left my room. You confessed to some dumb business that you’ve been taking part in and I gave you a right verbal bollocking. 884 more words