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The Other Side

I wonder what would happen if I were to wiggle past the slender bars of the Steel Gate and cross over to the other side. 702 more words


I'm Happy For You

There is probably an element of shame and guilt in this, but, hey, it’s my blog and my feelings. I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve and only realised earlier that I seem to finally be happy with other people’s pregnancies. 296 more words

The Other Side

Chapter 20: Thou Shalt Taste the Iron

In western countries, I’m told it is compulsory for people to get their male children circumcised at birth (please correct me if I’m wrong). However, that’s not the case in India, where it’s an optional thing. 499 more words


Chapter 19: Uprooted

My home in Delhi was a delightful little haven, a real life version of a poem I wrote as a teenager. It was cosy, compact, surrounded by open spaces and greenery, and bird songs in the morning, full of light and air, and, most importantly, full of love. 520 more words



There came a time where I only saw the world in black and white.

Everything was peaceful. Almost a replica of Tranquility Lane

No Wars… 121 more words


Do people speak from the other side or do we hear what we want to hear?

I am not a fan of the idea that we get messages “from the other side.” I have always found the idea that people hear voices of the dead real creepy. 611 more words