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Meet Ariel

Ariel is the 5th art doll to occupy The Other-Side of That Wall.

The Other Side - The River

The ship on which the divers were working had sunk in the Morava River hundreds of years ago.  Theirs was the second team of archaeologists sent to investigate the wreck.   788 more words

CBT: Session Two - What Do I Like? #PND

Still no closer to figuring out who I was, session two actually sent me plummeting into a deep giant cavern that was possibly worse than I’d felt before. 773 more words

The Other Side

Thank-You From The Other-Side

My new band is called The Other-Side and is the band behind the sound track for my new art installation called “That Wall”.We had an amazing time at  The Music Room which is in Powell River B.C.Canada recording our new CD.It was a meeting of the minds,that brought out many instruments,and way to much fun.We would like to take a moment to give thanks to everyone that made it possible.Our driver for the weekend (who we strong suggest hiring) kept us on time and safe Ian McGahey,David Molyneaux our photographer who captured some unbelievable photo’s and documented the experience,The Little Curry Hut for a delightful dinner,Coastal Cookery  for getting us in just before closing,Townsite Brew for keeping the creative juice flowing,Base Camp for keeping us jacked on coffee and all the wives and Chris Murdock for giving us the weekend to create together.More pictures are on there way and I well introduce my bandmates this week.We Thank -You All.

The Other Side - The Shoe

The rumours that spread around the town after my mother’s marriage to the baron were quite untrue.  She wasn’t after his money, even if we enjoyed having it.  3,235 more words

Operation Yummy Mummy: 0.8kg Down!

Woohoo! So, after yesterday’s God awful mood, apparently it paid off! I really was not expecting to have lost 0.8kg. I really didn’t. I mean I was super good. 487 more words

The Other Side