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How do You Know The Other Side Isn't ... Just Right Here?

How do You Know The Other Side Isn’t … Just Right Here?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny

My son, Tommy … he is on the other side.   1,005 more words


Your Life Path

Over the years of doing psychic work, the Universe,  my Guides, my Spiritual team and colleagues, and even some earth based teachers have exposed me to many unusual and unexpected aspects about both our human life and the full spectrum of our spiritual facets. 514 more words


Lectio Divina - A Prayer for Spiritual Messages

The ancient Christian tongue twister name is lectio divina (pronounced lex-ee-oh dih-vee-nuh). This Latin phrase literally translates into English as “divine reading” and is something that you could use as an entrance prayer to allow spirits in if you want to get messages from Spirits, Angels, or your own Spirit Guides.   249 more words


Karma and Forgiveness

I’m often asked by clients “When will he or she get what they deserve? They broke my heart; they lied and cheated, or they were abusive, stole my money, and were living a double life. 423 more words

A Better You

The Hourglass

The sand runs out in the hourglass
I need to get ready and then depart
I put all of my toys up for sale
and my emotions for an auction tomorrow as well 313 more words

The Other Side

The Story (So far)

The piano notes from the other room
Fly through the window within a gloom
And the darkness of the night

She is standing there with a cigarette… 346 more words

The Other Side