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Joseph Gantman, early M:I producer, dies

Joseph Gantman, the day-to-day producer for the first two seasons of Mission: Impossible, died Dec. 26 at 95, according to an obituary in the Los Angeles Times… 253 more words

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Requiem for a TV tie-in novel

Once upon a time, when a television series debuted, it was accompanied by “tie-in” novels. Writers were hired before the series was out so the novels would be on sale when the TV show was on. 369 more words

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Happy New Year, Hoping for a Great 2018

Our annual greeting

It’s the end of another year. Here’s hoping for a great 2018 for readers of The Spy Command.

And, as Napoleon Solo reminds everyone, be sure to party responsibly this New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year, everyone.

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Our favorite stock shots of 1960s, '70s TV shows

Television shows from 1950s through the 1970s meant doing a lot. A typical season meant 39 episodes in the 1950s into the early ’60s, 30 or more into the mid-60s and 26 or so in the 1970s. 644 more words

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1966: Lone Ranger adapts WWW, Batman

There have been many versions of The Lone Ranger, but a forgotten one aired on CBS in the fall of 1966.

That was a cartoon series, produced by Format Films. 390 more words

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Dominic Frontiere, prolific TV composer, dies

Dominic Frontiere, a busy television composer for series such as 12 O’Clock High and The Invaders, has died at 86, according to a funeral notice in the Los Angeles Times… 269 more words

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William Read Woodfield: Photographer, magician, writer

Another in a series about unsung figures of television.

It’s said that writers inevitably bring their life experiences into their work.

In the case of William Read Woodfield, he brought varied life experiences into his: Magician, photographer as well as accomplished scribe. 399 more words

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