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What would you do? Our decision.

The morning came with an uneventful night – well if you call four hour cry session by a 10 month old uneventful.  Needless to say I don’t think anyone was going to break in with that going on. 316 more words

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What would you do? Part 2

So feeling like we handled the sandal incident quite well we went back to feeling safe and secure in our gated little neighbourhood.  Then carnival arrived bringing with it about 2000 Ecuadorians and one cat burglar.   273 more words

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What would you do? Part 1

You are traveling in a third world country where it is obvious how little people have and your child’s flips flops are taken off your front lawn.   476 more words

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Pay It Forward

Have you heard of the pay it forward movement?

Some of us learned of this movement from the book ‘Pay it Forward’ by Catherine Hyde. Others have learned it from the pay it forward campaign from Starbucks. 353 more words


The Obscene and Criminal Malice Inflicted by Time

You know when you lose your TV remote and it drives you crazy. You look everywhere. You search frantically, chucking the pillows off the couch and lifting it up to look underneath. 521 more words

An Authors Life

Luck or Karma??

Do we always get what we deserve? Or does luck play a role too? Or is it just that people who get what they want believe they are lucky while those who don’t believe that they deserve better? 157 more words

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