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Together Again

I feel like I am the mother who got entertained at the supermarket and lost notion of her child, because she decided to take the deal on the oatmeal and had to race back to the previous aisle and get it – … 957 more words

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Let's Catch Up

It’s hard to come back after being away for so long.

Where does one start? Especially when ideas are all over the place and time is limited? 417 more words

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10 Bizarre Cases Of Mass Hysteria


From meowing nuns to an imagined monkey-man, mass hysteria is a bizarre and little understood aspect of the human condition.

It can be caused by religious extremism, cultural superstition, isolationism, and even the accidental intake of LSD. 1,720 more words

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Clearing the Toxic Waste from your soul

Time often tells us who is right for our lives and who we should say goodbye too. Signs, symbols, messaging- all things great and small tell us when. 216 more words


No Such Thing as a Frozen Girlfriend

It’s hard to write when your girlfriend is turning blue on the sofa. Shit, do I stop writing and get gas, or carry on and let her freeze to death? 396 more words

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God and Pasta

It’s Wednesday. There’s a full moon. God is throwing up in the corner. He normally is. He has no reason to be sober these days. Last time I saw him he was threatening a stripper because the coke she brought to the party wasn’t pure enough. 482 more words


The Meanwhile Film Series is propelling Grand Rapids' retro entertainment culture

Grand Rapids is a unique city, with an even more interesting entertainment culture. This is not to say that the West Michigan city, with a population of roughly 200,000, is the only place to embrace what could be known simply as retro culture, but it is deeply engrained in the area. 535 more words

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