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Is offline dating a thing of the past

Has traditional courtship with its in person human interaction become extinct? Can modern day courtships made in a social media network, where people are highly connected but socially isolated, render a long lasting relationship? 134 more words

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5 Surprising Uses for Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is for more than just eating.

1. DVD scratch repair – Smear peanut butter on the scratches and then take a dry cloth and clean rub off the peanut butter. 78 more words

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8 Reasons To Have a Box of Borax in Your Home

This white, water-soluble powder is a must have around the house. Borax is a frugal way to take care of everyday tasks.

1. Mice repellent – Take borax and sprinkle along baseboards to keep mice from taking up residence in your home. 49 more words

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10 New ways to use salt

Try one of these many ways to utilize the salt sitting in your kitchen.

1. Kill weeds – Mix 5 tablespoons salt with 1 gallon hot water. 41 more words

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Men and Sex - A Price Worth Paying

“You still going out with that Tiffany?”


“No?!  I thought you’d set her up in her own flat in the West End?!”

“I did…” 253 more words


Cat Litter 7


It’s a dog’s life… and they deserve it!


6 Busted pregnancy myths

Once a women announces that she is officially pregnant the ‘what not to do’s’ start coming their way. These days most of the ‘what to do’ and ‘not to do’s’ comes from years of myths and wives’ tales pasted on from generation to generation. 70 more words

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