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Small sacrifices

Everyday we make sacrifices. Some are large, extreme cases and others are small. Most of the time they are small and they go unnoticed.

I’ve sacrificed my time and energy for this fractured friend for over a decade and gotten nothing back in return and found that all those small sacrifices build up to a larger more defined sacrifice that needed to be addressed- removal. 116 more words

Daily Prompt

Disappointment through the years

Disappointment. It’s a heavy word.

We learn from a young age that people can be disappointed in us for not helping our siblings with their homework, lying, not taking out the garbage, or various other items. 167 more words


The Ghosts of Culloden……….

…………………270 years ago todayCan you hear them, can you see them
Marching proudly across the moor,
Hear the wind blow thru the drifting snow, 48 more words

The Other Stuff

Lucky Cat

I don’t like cats nor am I a cat person but I have these cats- my lucky cats. Each one holds their own ‘lucky’ charm. Of course I am not sure about this luck as it has yet to bring any of their true good fortune or happiness my way but maybe it is because I need to believe in them more or there is a hidden ritual I do not know about. 179 more words


Handwriting as an art form

Handwriting. Not texting, typing, using a phone, snapchat, tweeting, or any other form of social media. Actual pen to paper written words on a page. … 332 more words


Depressive Realism.

A few days back, our professor was teaching us about positive psychology, and one of the topics that came up for discussion was ‘depressive realism’. This meant that people who are depressed tend to have a much clearer picture of their own situation, whereas us, the so called mentally healthy people view the world with rose-tinted glasses. 355 more words

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