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David Foster Wallace and Joshua Ferris on Office Work

David Foster Wallace’s sprawling, painfully incomplete final work, The Pale King, and Joshua Ferris’s first novel, Then We Came to the End, share more than just a publisher in Little, Brown. 881 more words


Insomnia or Procrastination?

I spent the better part of this weekend working on applying for a federal job in Michigan that would be awesome. I also spent some time working on an essay that I want(ed) to enter in a contest. 263 more words



This month I went to a reading at my local bookshop. Three ladies came along to read from their recently published anthology of short stories on the theme of closure. 1,512 more words


David Foster Wallace's 'The Pale King' and style

The more I read and write about reading, the less convinced I become that it is possible to talk about a writer’s ‘style’ in a meaningful way. 580 more words

The Pale King - David Foster Wallace


Unfinished thoughts.

I’m gonna try and leave comments on DFW’s personality/persona out of this as much as possible as I could write/talk for hours on that. 1,288 more words

The Pale King - David Foster Wallace (prose #20)

The school smelled of adhesive paste, rubber boots, sour cafeteria food, and a warm biotic odor of many bodies and the fixative of the tile floor as three hundred mammals slowly warmed the rooms throughout the day. 147 more words

The Pale King - David Foster Wallace (prose #19)

Psychodynamically, he was, as a subject, coming to a late and therefore traumatic understanding of himself as also an object, a body among other bodies, something that could see and yet also be seen. 101 more words