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Journalist vs. Commentator

This shouldn’t be semantics or money. People will read this, and they’ll believe us.
~Henry Hackett, The Paper

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. 965 more words


Stop the presses for these movies. . .

Recently, I got out my DVD of “All the President’s Men.” Until “Spotlight” came out I thought it had no competition for title of best newspaper film ever. 372 more words


Same Industry, Different Genre: Michael Keaton

After having watched and analyzed The Paper a few weeks back, I recently had the good fortune of being able to watch Michael Keaton once again play a newspaper editor in… 370 more words

Kris Wu Wawancara di The Paper

Apa Mereka Menyukaiku Hanya Karena Wajahku?

Wawancara untuk The Paper 4 Januari 2016

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Kali pertama kami mewawancarai Kris Wu ketika dia baru saja kembali ke Cina, menunjukkan dirinya adalah seorang pendatang baru yang sopan dan hati-hati. 2,610 more words

Wu Yifan

Fame at last

It’s a Hollywood movie about journalists, and it’s got everything you’d hope for: caffeinated news editors, sweaty reporters, babble, hubbub, clattering keys. But also, in the background, is a different, less familiar, sound: the voice of The Only Sub-Editor Ever To Be Portrayed On Film**. 524 more words

Newsroom Life

Michael Keaton Thinks the New York Times Could Fold in Three Months

Is it really a surprise that the guy who played Birdman is a pessimist?

Oscar nominee Michael Keaton is getting awards season chatter again for  325 more words