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Review: The Passenger

This 2014 French crime thriller follows Captain Anaïs Châtelet (Raphaëlle Agogué) and her team’s attempts to catch a serial killer who poses his bodies to replicate Greek myths. 405 more words

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Book Review: The Passenger (More Fizzle than Sizzle)

The Passenger, Lisa Lutz

I read this back in September of last year. Billed as a fast paced thriller with lots of twists, turns, and the expected dirty secret that is chasing our main character, it was certainly readable, but fell flat in the end—if an entire book is devoted to stringing the reader along, there has to be more than a limp carrot at the end, and instead there is little shock or awe once the big secret is revealed. 2.5 Stars

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Birthing Ghosts

Riding shotgun like I was made to do,
Clinging to my slippery reasoning like a wet sidecar,
I’ve got jazz hanging in my ears,
so I pretend not to notice… 293 more words


Short Stories Challenge 2017 - The Passenger by Kevin Brockmeier from the collection Things That Fall From The Sky

What’s The Passenger all about?:

The Passenger follows a man who has spent his whole life on an airplane in a strange, dystopian world where a whole civilisation are born, fall in love, reproduce and die all on the plane. 598 more words

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On the Run... | April | #KimsKaffeeklatsch

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be someone else? Have you ever wanted to switch lives with someone else? Have you ever wished you could just start over? 847 more words

Kim Koning

Movie Review: The Passenger 

Panda: “Hey, have you watch this movie, ‘The Passenger’.”

Joe: “What movie is that?”

Panda: “Who act ah. The hunger games girl, Jennifer Lawrence.”

Joe:”What about it?” 184 more words