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Time Enough for One More

Yesterday was Easter, and after our family returned from church, I put into gear my “Easter Day Plans.” With only a few members of our family home for this holiday, I planned to sit down as a family and watch Mel Gibson’s movie… 743 more words

Life Applications


A passion we’ll never be able to understand.

We open on a dark, haunting shot, a man standing alone in the vineyard weeping and praying desperately. 1,408 more words


Beautiful Shot

The Passion of The Christ (2004)

DP: Caleb Deschanel

Director: Mel Gibson


The Easter Sunday Intertitle: Cross Words

I.N.R.I. (1923), directed by Robert CALIGARI Wiene. I think it has the most disturbing crucifixion on record — the effulgent golden tinting doesn’t prettify it at all. 226 more words


Jesus Christ And Jim Caviezel

Back in 2004, the movie “The Passion Of The Christ” opened in theaters across the country. Jim Caviezel was the actor who played Jesus. It was the most difficult role he ever played, as the movie tried to be as authentic and accurate as possible in recounting the historic event of Jesus’ crucifixion and the beatings that lead up to it. 260 more words


Celebrating Holy Week in Mexico

For one week in April, one of Mexico City’s most dangerous suburbs is transfigured. Rivalries are forgotten, the daily struggle is surrendered and enemies stand shoulder to shoulder, yielding to a higher power. 806 more words

The Cost and Benefits

It seems that for most things worth pursuing in life there is a cost before there is a benefit. For example, a medical doctor may earn a handsome living for his/her services but the cost beforehand was the price was that of attending medical school, enduring the stress of internship and building a reputation. 510 more words

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