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The Mel Gibson Comeback: Will Hollywood Let This Outsider Back In?

For the last ten years, Mel Gibson and Hollywood have been deeply estranged. But this weekend’s opening of “Hacksaw Ridge,” his powerfully crafted, bloody-heart-on-the-sleeve drama about the most heroic pacifist — or maybe the only pacifist — to serve in World War II, marks their official reconciliation. 1,267 more words


Encore: Mel Gibson Q&A On 'Hacksaw Ridge'

Editors Note: This Mel Gibson interview originally appeared September 6 after the triumphant Venice Film Festival premiere of Hacksaw Ridge. The dialogue seemed worth another look as… 6,811 more words

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Mel Gibson's Back from Hell and He Wants a Happy Ending

Mel Gibson wants his happy ending. And, whether you like it or not, he’s gonna get it.

Gibson’s first directorial effort in 10 years, Hacksaw Ridge… 1,547 more words

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Mel Gibson is moving forward with his Passion of the Christ sequel

Rumors of a sequel to Mel Gibson‘s blockbuster 2004 religious drama The Passion of the Christ have been swirling around since August, and Gibson has now confirmed that such a sequel is indeed in the works. 195 more words


The Passion of the Christ

As it’s Halloween, we take a look at The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson’s 2004 retelling of the crucifixion story.

This Christian propaganda horror movie consists 30 minutes of set-up, including… 370 more words


[VIDEO] Mel Gibson Gets Standing Ovation at 'Hacksaw Ridge' Screening in Beverly Hills

‘Show your heart — not just your applause — for Mel Gibson,’ producer Bill Mechanic says at Beverly Hills event.

Mikey Glazer  reports: However heavy the baggage that  308 more words


On Suffering, Shame, and Salvation

The following post deals with issues of sexual assault, abuse, and rape. It also contains theological speculation that may be discomforting or upsetting to some readers.  1,098 more words