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The Past

I don’t want a reason to feel…
I’m tired of going back and forth
About you.
With my heart.
I just don’t want to think about you at all… 88 more words


What one thing do you regret in life?


i remember

“it was hard on me of course, letting him go especially without so much as a word. i can remember like it was yesterday the first conversation we had even though it was kinda young and silly chatter. 377 more words


whip cracking, the blows

rain down as i flagellate

myself mentally, a little

payback for all the wrong

moves i’ve made in this

life i’ve been given, always… 40 more words


April 10-16

For reasons too complicated and boring to explain, I had to organize my family’s digital photo library. I moved a whole bunch of photos from one device to another and organized them by date. 2,317 more words


Coming to Terns with the Past

How do you come to terms with the past? It’s a question that has slowly crystallised in my mind in retirement, as the memory of my teaching life slowly fades and I think about the things that the preoccupying business of work pushed aside. 555 more words