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Rehabilitation Completed

From Catch Up With Summer, published in 2015.

Rehabilitation Completed

A painful memory
returned every time I drove past this corner
and so I have avoided this corner…

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More Ghostly Than a Ghost

First Cup of Coffee Our youngest grandson came by yesterday. A junior in college, he towers over us and has a beard and moustache! But we can’t stop thinking of him as a tiny kid trying hard to teach Mary how to play Pokemon.  625 more words

Merchant's House

Jewish Women

They had style. They carried themselves confidently. They seemed to know everyone in the room’s name, their spouse and kids’ names, and what type of dog treats they fed their dog (who, by the way, they were also able to identify by name). 420 more words


The Front Porch.

What I think that I know about life, growth, and evolution, is that I do not let go of things, or surrender, until I am damned good and ready. 583 more words

War Springs Eternal - Paperback Now Available

For those out there who, like me, appreciate reading a physical book, turning the pages as the scent of a ink wafts from the freshly printed page – War Springs Eternal is available on Amazon.com in paperback from. 47 more words

Short Stories

Human Punching Bag..

“Get your ass over here!” I heard while running as fast as I could. I was terrible at running long distances. I was a sprinter, not a runner. 1,335 more words

The Past


Was I abandoned by myself?

Lost and found in my own dreams?

I was frozen as ice

But melting with the days and weeks of the years… 48 more words