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Suddenly, one day it changes. You’ve awakened. No again, like you have at so many junctures in the past. But you’ve awakened to the fact that you never got to be the person that you thought you were for all your waking life. 241 more words


Cleaning Scars

Unbind your scars
Unstitch them to the air
With tweezers of consciousness
Pull the shrapnel of the past
The strings of false beliefs
That have imbedded… 87 more words



7 July 2020

Dear the Sorority,

I am of , Canada. I entered the University in 2010 as a part of Class of 2014 and then I entered the Sorority in Fall 2011 as a sophomore. 3,379 more words


As Things Were

I spoke of the need to choose between the idea of traditionalism or the idea of futurism, that staying locked within the idea of constant feedback upon the modern only causes despair and destruction upon the nature of the human soul. 2,636 more words


A Constant

An episode of Lost was about time travel, possible because of the “magic” island.  The person who traveled struggled to stay in the present and death would result from this back and forth between the present and the past without a constant –  someone or something to hold onto, and to hold onto him, in both places, so that his presence in the present mattered.  146 more words

Life Happens

Labelling The Different

I don’t exactly know since when I was “forced” to go to a psychologist, it all started somewhere during primary school. For some reason, I was an odd duckling. 1,034 more words

Book Review: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

There are many ways to dissect and analyze a novel like The WindUp Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. The original Japanese version of the book was released in three parts, and the English translation that I read was just over 600 pages. 704 more words