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Grave Tending

“The life you THINK you want could be stopping the life God MEANT for you to live.”
– Matthew Barnett

“So don’t you see that we don’t owe this old do-it-yourself life one red cent.

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Just A Minute

In Which She Won’t. Shut. Up.

I quit my job almost 4 months ago and I couldn’t begin to describe all of the positive changes that have been bestowed upon my life. 355 more words

Daily Life

A Monument

A deserted park stands frozen in time

But now as a monument, a memory, a reminder.

Its contraptions as evidence of a livelier time gone by. 194 more words


Non-Review Review: Avengers - Endgame

It says a lot about the state of contemporary pop culture that the biggest movie of the year is essentially a clip episode.

Pop culture has always been vaguely nostalgic, evoking an idealised past and reminding audiences of times when the future seemed brighter. 5,964 more words


School Days, Reminiscences of Hugh Roberts

I was delighted to be invited to participate in a new feature on the blog of Norah Colvin to answer some questions about my school days. 93 more words

Guest Post

Remember the future

Do you know the damage caused to look after your world?

We are creating trouble to defend your honour

I know what it is like to be hypnotised by a dog… 56 more words


Soft Shark Swimming

There’s chatter going around right now about the Greenland shark – specifically, that these sharks are believed to live up to and possibly over 400 years. 88 more words