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Had it out with the friend about the cat. Ugh. He wanted to know why I jumped to him being a liar. Um, cuz he kind of always has been? 191 more words


I’ve had three foundations to build on during my lifetime.  My parents gave me the first and I chose the second – a wife (main house) and mother (an addition); essential groundwork for all that would come after.  172 more words

Life Happens

The Past, For Better Or For Worse…..

My husband and I spent the weekend cleaning out the storage unit. We sorted through stacks of boxes. Some things were thrown out, others were stored in memory boxes for the kids. 330 more words

Bridging The Divided

Krista Wietelmann

Earlier today I was uploading remote assignments for my students and I typed in the date and a little thought flashed through my mind. Today, May 19th, is the birthday of my oldest friend, Krista Wietelmann. 1,497 more words


The Waiting Room


I really hate sitting in these waiting rooms; all the chairs look the same, with the same dread-locked pattern of melancholy blues and manic reds. 319 more words


Opiates & Little Lies

Ten Years Ago

I can’t think of anything that makes me more excited than a bottle of fun prescription drugs. Fun is the key word. It doesn’t take a lot to get them—a period of time has to pass since the last prescription, or I can be creative. 388 more words



Eight Years Ago

At some point, every addict has a realization. Whether or not they wake up in a hospital bed or decide they have found god. 144 more words