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Brian Boyle's Patient Experience Book Featured in 'The Mulberry Tree' Magazine (St. Mary's College of Maryland)

Brian Boyle ’10 has written his second book entitled The Patient Experience: The Importance of Care, Communication, and Compassion in the Hospital Room. While his first book, … 135 more words

8. X-rays aren't necessary

Most times they are

Ah, to have x-ray vision – another of the Superpowers we mentioned earlier in this series. Expecting a medical practitioner to diagnosis and perform surgery without the aid of diagnostic tools is so impractical. 235 more words

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3. All dental work should be guaranteed

Most have limitations

You can build a beautiful, solid home, but without regular maintenance and repair and a solid foundation, it will eventually begin show signs of wear and breakdown. 244 more words

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5. Pulling the tooth will fix the problem once and for all!

It creates different problems…

Pain is a great motivator! It’s immediate impact can distract us from making clear, well thought out decisions and sometimes, for the sake of relief, we choose an easy way out. 210 more words

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6. Just Fix It

It may not  be that simple…

Sometimes a patient comes in with a problem and wants it solved within a specific time and money frame. Often their condition is the result of their own neglect or a series of previous… 240 more words

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11. I don't want any treatment

Non Compliance

You may wonder how does a person even walk through our doors without the intention if following through with treatment. Sometimes they are here for their regular check-up exam and cleaning and we see a problem that they were unaware of. 167 more words

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The Patient Connection

Open Communication

Long gone are the days when doctors and dentists had our absolute trust and blind obedience. Today’s patient is well informed and willing to take ownership for pasts neglect. 172 more words

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