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The Pause Update: April 2016

The complete UAH v6.0 data for April were released on Friday.  I could have presented this earlier, but there are some more important things in my life, like grandkids’ sleepovers and Mothers’ Day.  543 more words


Antarctic Trends

Data from UAH Version 6.0 show the South Polar region to be unique in that it has a Pause, if not very mild cooling, for the whole of the satellite record, since December 1978. 409 more words


The Pause Update: March 2016 (Complete)

The complete UAH v6.0 data for March have been released. I present all the graphs for various regions, and as well summaries for easier comparison.  The Pause refuses to go away, despite greatly exaggerated rumours of its death. 473 more words


The Pause Update: March 2016 (Preliminary)

Well my last post certainly stirred up some Global Warming Enthusiasts who found it difficult to get their heads around the continued existence of The Pause.  393 more words


The Pause Update: February 2016


Firstly, I must apologise for the late posting.  We went away for a two week road trip in early March, during which my laptop died.  309 more words


Ep. 27 February End of the Month Update on the End-of-Life with Dr. Karen Wyatt


In this February Update on End-of-Life Issues, Dr. Wyatt will discuss:

  • Medical schools put more emphasis on pain management education to help reduce over-prescribing of opioid medications, misuse of these drugs and subsequent OD’s, which have doubled in the past decade.
  • 261 more words

Shock! Mann's stick droops…

Mann’s membrum virile is a little more flaccid than it was a decade ago – well, it happens to the best of us.

This detumescence has occurred following the publication of a… 187 more words