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300 Scientists Tell Chairman of the House Science Committee: 'we want NOAA to adhere to law of the Data Quality Act'

The following letter has been sent to Chairman of the House Science Committee, Lamar Smith, regarding NOAA’s “pause buster” data shenanigans that we highlighted back in the summer of 2015… 704 more words

Karl Et Al. 2015

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This posting is a reblog of Anthony Watts posting on his site “WattsUpWithThat?” The issue here is that NOAA, undoubtedly to assist the COP21 Paris meeting participants, manipulated their global temperature record to in an attempt to show that the 18+years of no significant warming (“the pause”) had not really occurred. Now 300 scientists have sent a letter to Representative Lamar Smith saying that NOAA did not follow the Data Quality Act. This, along with Smiths subpoenas of email communications from those people in NOAA who manipulated the temperature record, hopefully with out the perpetrators of this scam. cbdakota

Trending trends

In this post I demonstrate my template that shows linear trends in data from any given point in time to the most recent month, (which is how I determine the starting point and length of The Pause.) It can be quickly seen how trends change over time and where these changes occur so they can be investigated. 956 more words


Earth and Water

Graphs of The Pause are valuable as a means of confounding Global Warming Enthusiasts by showing how little temperatures have increased in the past couple of decades, but there are many other gems in monthly Temperature of the Lower Troposphere (TLT) anomalies. 639 more words


The Pause: Further Update December 2015, including Northern Hemisphere

Complete UAH v6.0 data for December for all regions were released yesterday- sooner than I expected! Here are graphs for the remaining regions showing the furthest back one can go to show a zero or negative trend (less than +0.01C/ 100 years) in lower tropospheric temperatures. 177 more words


The Pause: Interim Update December 2015

UAH v6.0 data for December were released last night.  Here is an interim post with updated graphs for some regional data (Globe, Southern Hemisphere, Tropics) as released by… 175 more words


The pause in Central England Temperatures

I decided to look at the claim made by Paul Homewood in his recent blog Central England Temperature Pause Now 17 Years Long and see if there is any real truth in it. 404 more words


The Pause continues

— no global warming at the South Pole for the past 37 years

For the whole of the satellite record, the South Polar region has had a negative trend.   157 more words

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