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The Pause

As humans competing in this ever increasing speed of a rat race we usually wait until we hit absolute rock bottom before we realise how much we have actually failed ourselves, how broken we actually are.  435 more words


I have rare moments when the gods smile, open up the sky and let sunlight shine down on me. This is one of those rarities. It feels very nice. 406 more words


Now this girl will put a smile on my face faster than a spinning top!!  She is my spunky red headed furry niece named Summer.

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The pause is the point from which all things come
A silence, a stillness, a hesitating hum
Yes, a hum is what you hear
when the silence in your ear… 80 more words


P A U S E (on John Larkin's "The Pause")

Some say your life flashes before you right before you die. But what if you see a version of your life where you don’t decide to take your own life? 537 more words

Thoughts From Where I Sit

Declutter Your Mind Through Silence

When you learn how to control your mind, you open a door to the vastness of creativity, inspiration, and brilliance that is just behind the clutter of those untamed thoughts.

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Thoughts Out Loud