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A few friends and I decided to go visit one of our buddies who currently lives in San Antonio for an internship and hang around town. 118 more words


Song of the Green Light

In John Steinbeck’s little classic, “The Pearl”, we meet Kino, a diver of pearls, Juana, his wife,  and Coyotito, their son. The story is about what happens to this little family when Kino finds the Pearl of the World. 602 more words

A Tea of Pearls

Chatime has finally come to Doha. Yey!

So a few days before the start of Ramadan, after hearing the news of a Chatime branch here in Doha, 2 of my colleagues invited me to come and check out the place.  466 more words

Blogger Thoughts

June 2016 Alaska - Day 2

Well I sleep pretty well and do not need to be at the ship till 11AM but I am up at 6AM, so I take a shower and pack everything I used the night before. 548 more words


Party in The Bay with Pink Dolphin & LIL YACHTY


Party in The Bay with Pink Dolphin & LIL YACHTY

San Francisco, CA | July 9th


Hip Hop Shows

hello, sunshine

Yes, I am still here. No, I did not make my two blog posts last week. I recovered from my baby’s birthday, got sick, recovered from that, and emptied a closet, so…priorities. 740 more words

Writing Prompt #1

“I am like a leprosy.”

~ John Steinbeck

This line from The Pearl has been dancing around in my head for days now.  What does it spark in your writing mind?   7 more words

Mining For Lines Writing Prompts