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Have a Beautiful Weekend

I’m so glad it’s Friday , as I feel it’s been an exhausting week… We’ve been weaning Colin off his nightly bottle and that has caused a few less hours of sleep here and there, but with consistency this should make us less exhausted in the long run. 124 more words

Humans Of New York

Saturday Shenanigans - Ep.2

In case I’ve never mentioned it…I love weekends. Just, so much.

My poor honey was pretty wiped out after a long week at work, but he still made the trek to The Pearl with me on Saturday morning. 552 more words

Saturday Shenanigans

Weekends are so great.

We’ve been making a particular effort to have “recreational weekends” lately. Effort required because we realized a while back that we were in a bit of a “lounge around and veg” weekend rut. 551 more words

Farmers' Market

English 9

Please turn in your copy of The Pearl if you have not yet done so, and don’t forget to turn in your Theme paragraph.

Daily Vocab: Qualm – an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; a sudden feeling of apprehensive; uneasiness; misgiving… 73 more words

Daily Vocabulary

English 9

Due Today:  Theme Paragraph for The Pearl Eng9, and turn in your book

Daily Vocab: Verisimilitude – appearance or semblance of truth

Quell – to suppress; put an end to; extinguish; vanquish; subdue; to quiet or allay (emotions, anxieties, etc.) Quiz is Friday, 04/22 – All words are on Quizlet in Google Classroom… 22 more words

Daily Vocabulary

English 9

Grammar Mini Lesson – Italicize/Underline vs. “Quotation Marks” MiniGrammarLessonItalcs vs Quotation Marks

Passed out Lit Circle Assignments Lit Circle Jobs

Work on Theme Paragraph for… 9 more words