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Review: The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

This was the absolute last book I read in 2015 – I read the whole thing on Christmas Day. Yes, it was a present. I’d already written my favourites of 2015 by then, but I had to revisit the thing, because this book was too good not to be on that list. 1,012 more words


"The Penelopiad" Preaches Flow, Practices Something Else

“The Penelopiad” almost hits the mark but is ill-equipped to impress. The adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novella of the same name is wrought with awkward and static delivery of lines, rigid execution of choreography and the occasional technical difficulty, but the visual composition is magnificent. 835 more words


The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

I had the immense pleasure of reading this book for a school project, and finished it in about a day. It’s very easy, unapologetically feminist reading and I loved every second of it. 314 more words


2015 Book Roundup // My favorite picks of the year

2015 was a good book year. My total count is at 40, which is pretty standard for me. Every year I try to read a book per week, but I’m a notoriously slow reader, and I also try to have somewhat of a social life! 283 more words


Margaret Atwood's 'The Penelopiad'—retelling Penelope's story

Officially obsessed with Margaret Atwood, though that should come as a surprise to no one. But prior to reading The Penelopiad, the only Atwood book I’d read was  659 more words


#585 The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

Oh Penelope, left alone for quite a long time while her husband Odysseus went off to fight wars and deal with gods. 420 more words


The Penelopiad // Margaret Atwood


we had no voice

we had no name

we had no choice

we had one face

one face the same


we took the blame… 50 more words

Margaret Atwood