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No Two Ladies Have the Same Vulva

Yes. It’s true. Vulvas are as unique as each female. We’re not all identical twins so why do we expect our lady bits to fit this cookie cutter image found in porn? 262 more words

Body Love

Thank you, Mr. Internet, apparently I am deformed.

Thank God for the Internet.

Without it, how in the world would we know what to compare ourselves to? Just the other day I stumbled upon a shocking discovery: … 332 more words


The Perfect Vagina.

So there I was, having a quiet Friday night in bed, a torrential downpour teaming by my window, and a hot cup of macha and SBS on TV for company—When Channel 4s documentary, The Perfect Vagina caught my attention. 545 more words

The Perfect Vagina: A Documentary: Vaginal Surgery Is Equal to Female Genital Mutilation In Health Risks

It’s the sort of thing that plenty of women talk about and more women should talk about: the way vaginas look. This documentary follows women on the quest to see what vaginas really “should” look like, from women who have plastic surgery, to women who have plastic casts made to see their own vaginas.   787 more words

Chauvinism Alive Today

designer vaginas

(warning – before you scroll down too far, there’s a NSFW pic below… just a heads up!)

Last night I viewed a documentary that had been on SBS during the week and I’d missed it. 444 more words

Designer Vaginas

The Perfect Vagina

Okay, I’m a man. So when reviewing a programme called ‘The Perfect Vagina’ it’s hard not to think of a gag every 15 seconds. And ex-Scrapheap Challenge presenter Lisa Rogers certainly gave me enough material. 781 more words