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The Photograph Collective: Plenty Moving, Little Crossing

For our 3rd (yes, we’ve reached 3!) project for The Photograph Collective, we had to work on the project “Tell somebody else’s story.” Having been the one to come up with the idea initially, I quickly hated myself because of how difficult the task was!  229 more words

Amanda Liew

Collective's Encounter

Collective’s Encounter has well and truly kicked off and what a great event it’s been so far. Went to Derby on Sunday and listened to a Joel Meyerwitz talk with Jane from the Collective too, which made my whole day seem as if I was standing on cloud 9 it was that inspiring. 66 more words


Orchestra of Disorientation - the final video ready for installation

Click on the image to watch the video in vimeo. Or alternatively click here: 

As we’re gearing up to the Format Festival, me and Jane from The Photography Collective are working on press release’s to spread the word about Collectives Encounter. 222 more words

Collectives Encounter

Orchestra of Disorientation - A film by The Photography Collective for Format 2011

As we’re gearing up to the Format Festival, me and Jane from the Collective are working on press release’s, as Martin will be installing the work this weekend in Derby. 61 more words


being the conductor

Hi George here, so updates on the video making so far:

Its flowing very well at the moment, I’ve worked most nights 8-11, plus grabbed a few hours in the day when I’m waiting for clients, so its allowed me to really immerse myself into it….. 72 more words


Thoughts on text

As our ideas of the flaneur and what we’ve shot start to culminate into it’s final piece, we have been reflecting on the idea of using text within out video. 243 more words


latest test video - “Orchestra of Disorientation”

So in the last blog I mentioned that Jo, George and myself (I’m Jaskirt btw!) had a mini meeting of minds and starting to brain storm how we should shape the video with our keywords. 128 more words