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Alicia Silverstone recalls advocating for Brittany Murphy's 'Clueless' casting: 'She was so good'

Right up there with the way Cher Horowitz’s red party dress jives with her feathered jacket and (soon-to-be-ruined) satin shoes, Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy’s onscreen friendship in… 375 more words


The Pianist

Ταινίες βλέπουμε για να μπούμε σε έναν κόσμο που ποτέ δε θα ζήσουμε ή για να ψυχογραφούμε χαρακτήρες; Γιατί μπορούμε να τρυπώσουμε σε κόσμους ανθρώπων ή γιατί μπορούμε να αλλάξουμε την οπτική μας απέναντι στη ζωή;


Emilio-Vision: The Five Stages of Wrecking Your Car

We bring you the five representations of what happens when you are in car accident…as represented by Chopin’s Nocturne op. 55, no. 1 in F-minor.

Boaties outraged over drink-drive changes

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FISHOS are being \u201cunfairly targeted\u201d by the Government\u2019s booze reform, according to the Amateur Fishers Association NT. 3,736 more words

Alcohol Consumption

Movie Review - "The Pianist" (2002)

Making a film about the atrocities of World War II is like walking a tight rope – one false move or overplayed gesture could cause everything to go wrong, but if you play it expertly and with grace then it is a work of art. 549 more words


The Pianist (2002)

Dir. Roman Polanski. Starring Adrien Brody, Ed Stoppard, Frank Finlay

“It’s a funny time to say this, but” Wladyslaw (Brody) begins to say to his sister Halina (Jessica Kate Mayer) as they walk to the cattle cars which will take his family away from Warsaw. 1,421 more words


The Pianist︰戰地奏響人性光輝


每次睇holocaust flim都注定淚水長流,歷史上納粹德軍對猶太人的罪行罄竹難書,The Pianist(港譯︰《鋼琴戰曲》)對暴行的描寫跟The Schindler’s List (港譯︰《舒特拉的名單》)同樣震撼人心。

電影的立意尤其清晰——“where there is darkness, light.” 在黑暗之處總有人性的光輝。故事以二戰時被戰火蹂躪的波蘭華沙為背景,主角是舉國知名的猶太裔鋼琴家。(中略)主人公在瀕死邊緣遇到一名納粹軍官,與他傾談後發現他是鋼琴家,命他演奏一曲,那琴音紛亂而激昂,卻又肝腸寸斷,是經歷戰爭殘酷洗禮的琴手,淬煉自心靈最深處的哀鳴,懾住軍官的心神,使他動憐憫之心,對這個落難的猶太人手下留情,還向他送食物。隨俄軍進駐波蘭,德軍節節敗退,臨行前,軍官回來給主角最後的糧食,還將自己禦寒的大衣送他,主角連忙道謝,德國人說” It is God”(不用謝,是上帝的旨意。)勢不兩立的兩人因為音樂而連繫起來,軍官道別時問了主人公的名字,說遲點會收聽他的演奏。

波蘭斯基對這位落難主人的刻劃是直率的:不事生產、情緒化、貪生怕死、窩囊的藝術家,除了演奏,他甚麼都不會。每次死裡逃生都是死好命,他不是英雄,不像被運到集中營的弟弟(?)一樣憤世嫉俗,他會為求生計族下尊嚴為Ghetto裡的離地中產演奏;也不像labor camp裡的革命份子般大無畏,即使付出也只是以被動的方式(從牆外走私軍火)當他成功逃到ghetto的外面,目睹牆內的人以死相搏反抗納粹然後壯烈犧牲,他不斷哭:「有時我會搞不清楚,我應該是在牆的哪一邊。」然後又反問身邊人,到底牆內的人明知送死,為何還要反抗?身邊人眉頭一皺-“They die with dignity.” 6 more words