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Ride 34: Apples, Pears and Hops

Tuesday, 23rd June, Abberley to Bromyard, 17.27

Beth, (Mrs Locket to the pupils), invites me to have breakfast with the borders, before attending assembly where I give a brief talk to the pupils about my pilgrimage.   401 more words

The Pilgrimage

Ride 33: Gate to Menace

Monday, 22nd June, Buttonoak to Abberley, 16.51 miles

A lovely ride through the Wyre Forest this morning.  It’s the sort of place one could easily lose your sense of direction and get lost in. 624 more words

The Pilgrimage

Ride 32: Summer Solstice on the Jack Mytton Way

Sunday, 21st June, Chelmarsh to Buttonoak, 14.5 miles

Up at dawn as usual on the longest day of the year.

Tommy has managed to stay in his stable overnight and we head off along a section of the Jack Mytton Way that runs along the top of the reservoir.   369 more words

The Pilgrimage

Ride 31: the Loneliness of the Long Distance Rider.

Friday, 19th, June, Morville to Chelmarsh, 10.33 miles

It is inevitable after enjoying such a sociable gathering of like-minded people last night, that I feel decidedly melancholic today.   480 more words

The Pilgrimage

Camino to Morocco, Chapter 5

I like to explore when I travel, and soak up as much of the genuine culture as I can.  However, tourists typically only see part of the picture; as if we’re in Disney’s Epcot Center.   1,553 more words

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Ride 30: A Walk in the Park

Thursday, 18th, June, Norton to Morville, 10 miles

The lumps and bumps on Tommy’s tummy have virtually disappeared and the fleece girth cover that Alison gave me way back in Cumbria which I have been using as an extra pad on Tommy’s saddle sores seems to be doing the job.   441 more words

The Pilgrimage

Ride 29: A Gap in the Hedge

Wednesday, 17th, June, Lapley to Norton, 17.24 miles.

We are heading towards Trish and Andrew’s place today, farmers and keen point to pointers.

As we are going down the lane away from Lapley, we had just passed the strawberry farm as Kate had described when Tommy hesitates and begins snorting.   942 more words

The Pilgrimage