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The Dynofit Pitch

The pitch that I chose to listen to was number 26 “Dynofit”. Maria Schider entered the pitch room to request $500,000 from venture capitalists to help her company. 228 more words

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"The Pitch" Assignment - Episode 24, unGlue

For this assignment, I listened to episode 24 which focused on a man named Alon Schwartz’s elevator pitch for his startup app called unGlue. The main objective for unGlue is to fight smartphone addiction by implementing a fun, inviting way for both parents and kids to manage how much time kids are spending on their smartphones. 180 more words

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The Pitch - Babyscripts

The episode I listened to is #1 Babyscripts. Babyscripts is an app developed by Juan Pablo’s company to reduce miscarriages. The app measures blood pressures and weights of pregnant women and timely sends the information to doctors. 292 more words

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"The Pitch" Post - Metabrew

The episode I listened to was a pitch for Metabrew, an alternative drink to coffee. It has a more moderate level of caffeine than coffee, with healthy fats and antioxidants. 217 more words

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The Pitch: Bernstein at 100 in KC

I wrote about Leonard Bernstein as man, musician and advocate for The Pitch, plus a full page of February happenings in the Classical Music & Dance Calendar. 6 more words