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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Our VP of Product Management said something to the effect of, “This is a great idea, Lee!”…and he couldn’t have been more supportive in his tone.

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The Book - Chapter Zero.

It breaks my heart to inform you, that I fear I will not have time to flush out this book in its entirety. The windows are drawing to a close, as the four dimensional corridor I traverse begins to narrow. 1,698 more words


Podcast Review: The Pitch

The Pitch is essentially the podcast version of Shark Tank. I was skeptical when I learned about this podcast because I thought it would lose a lot without the visuals. 110 more words


The Dynofit Pitch

The pitch that I chose to listen to was number 26 “Dynofit”. Maria Schider entered the pitch room to request $500,000 from venture capitalists to help her company. 228 more words

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"The Pitch" Assignment - Episode 24, unGlue

For this assignment, I listened to episode 24 which focused on a man named Alon Schwartz’s elevator pitch for his startup app called unGlue. The main objective for unGlue is to fight smartphone addiction by implementing a fun, inviting way for both parents and kids to manage how much time kids are spending on their smartphones. 180 more words

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