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Friendless Saturday (The Plan)

I texted almost all of my friends who live in the city, all the ones I never seem to be able to make plans with because of my schedule, plus my regulars and dears from the outer boroughs. 372 more words


Food prep and dialing it all in.

I noticed a few things while working out this week.

First of all, it has been a LONG time since I have done this sort of volume in lifting! 628 more words

Fitness In Your Forties

Putting all this training mumbo jumbo together.

So, I shared some of my thoughts about becoming a fit, old lady here.  And then I shared with you my nutrition/work out plan as it was coming together  824 more words

Fitness In Your Forties

The evolving workout and nutrition plan

So, I’ve made some changes since my first shot at this plan. I fell for the “low cal and work out really hard” thing. For the Record: That never works.   696 more words

Fitness In Your Forties

The plan

We had a rough route planned out; we were to meet my pals in Vietnam and travel through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and finish up in Hong Kong. 142 more words

The Decision is Made....

July 2, 2016…..

I really didn’t make the decision, I just had a simple request, of whom, I do not know, but nevertheless, a request to some thing, some being, I think. 516 more words

Weigh day 35 - it's been a year!

Current weight: 80.6 kg
Weight lost since last weigh-in: 1.9 kg
Total weight lost: 28.6 kg

Firstly: wow, it’s two days short of a year since my first post on this blog. 586 more words