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Day 7 - Blood Alcohol Levels

Blood Alcohol Levels and their Effect on the Human Body and Brain 437 more words


Day 6 - Monsters

As an abuser of alcohol, habitual drinker or high-functioning alcoholic, however you want to call it, you are living with an addiction*. Many don’t see it as a problem but for the reasons mentioned in my… 331 more words


Base Layer

Theatre of Minds presents… 

Tickets available soon. Watch this space!

Day 5 - Ur

Had a job interview today so not thinking abut much else other than that. The last telephone interview I had I was well into a bottle of wine. 105 more words


Day 4 - It could be worse

I watched Louis Theroux’s new documentary on alcoholics. Some who can’t stop even though they know their health is at risk and some who once they start can’t stop drinking until they can’t remain conscious. 103 more words


Charlotte Brontë

Did you ever read any books in your childhood or teenage years that were maybe a little too “adult-y” for you to really get them, but, still, they literally changed the entire way that you viewed the world? 1,009 more words


Day 3 - Insomnia

I suppose not sleeping well isn’t that bad. In case I forget, the major health effects of chronic alcohol consumption include:

  1. Alcoholic liver disease
  2. Anxiety and mood disorder…
  3. 168 more words