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So my plan is to become somewhat flexible in what I do and where I live. To have less demands on me both workwise (meetings, work hours, projects…) and living-wise (owning less things and not being responsible for maintenance). 947 more words


The Aryan Way: Episode XI – The Plan

The Aryan Way: Episode XI

The Plan

William de Hewitt talks a little about his novel The Second Coming… Again and it’s intended meaning, which I expected most would not initially grasp. 42 more words

William De Hewitt

The Plan: Winter Break 2017

Hello again,

I thought it were best to make this post to get on that statement I made in my introduction about holding myself accountable. I’m leaving for Exchange to Iowa State in about a month’s time so that makes my winter break about two weeks longer than everyone else. 443 more words

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A Spiritual Crisis By- Mike j Hughes ‎14/‎08/‎2013

A Spiritual Crisis by Mike j Hughes ‎14/‎08/‎2013

Anyone who is in the slightest way enlightened, will see for themselves that humanity is undergoing a long prossess of gradual unfolding that will span over countless eons of endeavour ,to wrestle His way out and into a greater measure of Light. 181 more words

Making plans

This is my third favorite thing when it comes to traveling. My second favorite thing is packing. And my favorite is, off course, the traveling itself. 694 more words


Am I Growing?

On the first day of the eighth grade, my son and I went to Meet the Teacher Night. He hadn’t seen any of his school friends all summer, so he was surprised when they showed up and were, according to him, as tall as NBA players. 324 more words


The Plan: Goal 4 Part 1: Calorie Count

Calories Per Day

To start, I needed to set a specific goal for myself. And to do that, I needed to know where I am and where I want to be. 462 more words

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