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Bite by Bite

I want to do everything.  I want to know everyone.  I want to fix every problem, and be prepared for every future problem.

I want to eat this whole damn elephant, and I will… but I’ll have to do it bite by bite. 216 more words


Consult With Lyn-Genet Today!

My doctor suggested The Plan when I cried like a baby in her office after the nurse weighed me. I’ve gained over 40 pounds in less than a year and I’m pretty unhappy about it. 274 more words

Bucket List...

Life is short

Work days take forever

Weekends are never long enough

What is a bucket list? Well to be quite frank, it is a list of things you want accomplish before you “kick the bucket.” 329 more words


day five

in case you’re curious, i’m back with a little update on my newly imposed health plan.  i’ve been doing really well with the exercising portion, but no so well with the healthy eating.   96 more words


Project List for July 2015

Yeah yeah yeah, so July is basically half over. But so what! I’m still going to make this post, for posterity! ;)

In July of 2015 (it’s Camp NaNoWriMo!), I hope to accomplish the following: 308 more words


Bait, Fish, and Reel Report for June 2015!

As per usual, I feel like I didn’t accomplish much last month. But upon reflection, I realize it wasn’t as bad as it feels, really. 156 more words