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The Exhibition Space

Below are some more images of the final space with the Suns form hanging from the ceiling. It was quite a scary process getting the glass hanging, but it was worth as I feel it work really well with the glass at the centre of all the pieces. 76 more words


Full Moon in Scorpio: The Purge

Like the alchemical process of nigredo suggests, this full moon is encouraging us to be extensively cleansed and cooked, removed of what is dragging us down in order to start things afresh. 331 more words


Planet Videos: Inspirations From NASA

Below I have complied a montage of video clips from NASA of the Planets. I would like to try and make a promotional video for my pieces at some point which emulates the style of video that characterises planet videos, like slow zooms, pans and close ups. 53 more words


Book Design

To accompany my work at the exhibition and to help people further enter into the work that I have been doing this year, I have begun to work on a Book which shows the process of the project from the very start inspiration to the final outcomes and their meaning and everything in-between. 50 more words


Song Review: THE CLEAR - "The Planets"

I recently had the pleasure of discovering the terrific UK band The Clear when they contacted me about their new single “The Planets.” The Sheffield three-piece plays an incredibly pleasing style of what can best be called “West Coast Dream Pop” (‘West Coast’ referring to my home state of California, thank you very much).   352 more words


The Planets - Venus, The Bringer of Peace

There are Seven Pieces for Orchestra in Holst’s The Planets, Opus 32.  Each of these is based on what astrology alleges is the influence on a person from these planets.  176 more words

Poetry And Poems

The Planets - Mars, Bringer of War

My hope is a quick succession of short poems based on Holst’s The Planets, Opus 32.  This idea came to me by way of an artistic installation on Second Life in the Linden Endowment of the Arts.  195 more words

Poetry And Poems