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Moon in Sagittarius

Today, around the early afternoon, the Moon will enter 12 degrees Sagittarius (I Aspire) and be at an exact conjunction with Saturn there. This conjunction will only last an hour or so, but it is auspicious for it’s symbology and the struggle we face as a nation to rise above what we are becoming. 430 more words

Astrology Basics

Astrology is a lot like math, there are a lot of calculations involved. Whenever I go to check the planets positions I think of it as building an equation. 341 more words


Jupiter in Libra

For the next year Jupiter, the actor of Faith and Expansion, the Lucky King I sometimes call him, will be touring the attitudes and actions of Libra the 7th sign and an air sign. 802 more words


John DeMain “Launches” His 23rd Season with Madison Symphony

With an assist from NASA, the MSO’s first program is literally “out of this world”

From a personal standpoint, watching an HD NASA video of our solar system while hearing the… 801 more words

Greg Hettmansberger

The Moon

The Moon is who we are when we retreat. It’s our emotions, our core. It’s how we seek nurturance and what we need for emotional security. 148 more words



Orbital characteristics

Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit can take it more than 49 times as far out from the sun as Earth. Since the dwarf planet’s orbit is so eccentric, or far from circular, Pluto’s distance from the sun can vary considerably. 750 more words



Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. Orbital characteristics

Orbital characteristics

Neptune’s elliptical, oval-shaped orbit keeps the planet an average distance from the sun of almost 2.8 billion miles (4.5 billion kilometers), or roughly 30 times as far away as Earth, making it invisible to the naked eye. 437 more words