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Cue the planets ...

Like most of the rest of the country, I’m getting ready to watch what’s been dubbed The Great American Solar Eclipse. My deck — and my schedule — are clear for the afternoon. 226 more words

The Eclipse -- A World Still Full of Wonder

Crowds are gathering across the United States to watch tomorrow’s total solar eclipse. For months, excitement has been building. Small towns along its path have swollen in population, tents have been pitched in the path of the umbra, and eclipse chasers are poised to witness this celestial event. 392 more words

Prom 14 - Season 2017

A British conductor leading a Scottish orchestra in a night of English music… doesn’t sound too bad 581 more words

Royal Albert Hall

The Solar Eclipse and Witchcraft

A total solar eclipse is headed our way next week on Monday, August 21, 2017. :o

Where I live in Canada, it will show as a partial solar eclipse. 909 more words


In Search Of The Perfect Recording: Holst's "The Planets"

Finding a favourite classical recording is an arduous, reptetive, divisive, and thoroughly pretentious pastime, but it can be a wonderful journey. It’s not just about sound quality. 765 more words


Prom 14: Williams and Holst

As part of the Great Symphonic Classics which have featured so heavily so far, Vaughan Williams and Holst take their place in Prom 14 and join the group of musical heavyweights who feature in this Proms season. 300 more words

BBC Proms 2017