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Higher Octave Planets: Venus & Neptune - Gluttony and Glamour

My exploration of the Higher and Lower Octave planets has reached the second stop in its journey,  crossing  paths with Venus and Neptune.

Every time I begin to write about the relationship between 2 or more planets, I scan the material present in both my brain and beyond (like books and the internet) for a theme waiting to come out of the astrological closet. 1,134 more words

The Planets

Planet Abstraction: What Neptune reveals about Pisces

The 12 zodiac signs all have a planetary ruler that was assigned to them based on the observations of astrologers over the years. These rulers are not coincidental. 976 more words

The Zodiac

Higher Octave Planets and People: Uranus and Mercury

I’ve been absorbed in the link between planets and the personality as of late. But I’ve been really curious about the Higher Octave and Lower Octave planets. 865 more words


Mercury In Retrograde Haiku #2

Crooked lines of
communication straighten out
as Mercury drifts.


29th September 1918. Music of the Spheres.

Jupiter features in two great musical works: in the popular movement of Gustave Holst’s Planets’ Suite, and Mozart’s Symphony 41 is also known as the ‘Jupiter’. 450 more words


Neptune, Saturn, and Little Girl Blues

Being a Neptune dominant Gemini gives me a nasty revilement of  reality, and a fetish for fantasy. Yet the sphere of Saturn’s influence makes me hyper aware of my limited physical existence. 628 more words

The Planets