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Looking for a good time?

If you are a student or teacher in Colorado and have any sense of what is good in the world, you should take advantage of the $10 tickets that are offered by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra for basically every performance they give! 265 more words

The Planets

The Planets
Dava Sobel
250 pages
Fourth Estate, 2005

I challenged myself to read 30 books between January and May last year. I had not been able to complete any books for ages, and when the local library had their annual challenge, The Book Worm, I decided to challenge myself alongside my daughter. 1,440 more words


Directional Astrology for January 15, 2016

That Jupiter/Node conjunction being trined by the Sun is helping bring deserved good fortune to some. I received a nice phone call: my personal Mercury was involved amongst other things. 138 more words

Astrological Forecast

Directional Astrology for January 14, 2016 (aka the Meaning of Secrets)

Oh boy, it’s crazy what’s going on today. Jam-packed with changing energies. Transitions are always the most dangerous times. Best to get stable as soon as possible. 184 more words

Astrological Forecast

Dark Side of the Moon

There’s a lot of misdirection in astrology, particularly when it comes to the negative expressions of the planets and the signs. As per request by one of my humble Tumblr followers, I am diving into the shady territory of the moon in hopes of exhuming some of the unpleasant traits that exist in every sign. 2,697 more words

The Zodiac

Directional Astrology for January 13, 2016

Was I writing 2015 on my other posts? I haven’t checked but it feels as though I might. Chalk that up to Mercury retrograde. I’m going to start calling my astro forecasts directional astrology from now on. 262 more words

Astrological Forecast

Astrology for January 12, 2016

There’s a lot of action today.

Mercury continuing its retrograde and Moon void of course all day in Aquarius – I think of a robot speaking in tongues. 208 more words

Astrological Forecast