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Welcome To All I Really Want

The Plastics – All I Really Want

I take a deep breath,

My thoughts are heavy,

and the air is thick

Is the honey smoke silhouettes


Friendz 4eva XoXo

As the ‘fairer sex’, we’re told to stick together. Keep your wing women close and your frenemies even closer. Since kindergarten we make friends, play nice, and achieve BFFAEAEAE status. 834 more words


Rise & Shine Festival

There has always been something special for me about Rise & Shine Festival, from that very first one, with that early morning Yoga session, and when I say early morning Yoga session, I mean I sat on the grass with a coffee & a iced-tea with a little Vodka for a kick, taking in the early morning fresh air whilst the Yogi led the session :D… 144 more words


Stereo Kids (The Plastics)

A nostalgic trip back to …

…show how little things change


Music | Listen: 'All I Really Want' by The Plastics

The Plastics, an indie rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. The band have gathered comparisons to Two Door Cinema Club and The Strokes with previous albums such as their début, “Shark”, in 2010. 70 more words


Can We Make It Happen

Let’s start the movement!

Let’s make ‘fetch’ happen people!

Anybody with me?

Oh Regina, you bitch! Are you looking back at me when I look in the mirror? 45 more words

Confessions Of A Plastic

So I love One Direction! Like, not just how they look, the music, the whole package or um, packages! No pun intended!

I mean, like I’m ‘one of those.’ Ask me if I can find a fuck to give dahling. 31 more words