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Allotment Adventures: Woodchip in the snow

The plot has been a bit neglected this year. There isn’t really much to do except wait for it to warm up a bit. We had planned to spend last weekend doing a bit of weeding and maybe putting in the new rhubarb crowns but then we had a cold snap and it kept trying to snow. 211 more words


On the road again...

It’s been eighteen months now since we came back from New Zealand to start a life in London. Though I always thought I would do, we deliberately do not have a firm Five Year Plan. 338 more words

The Plot

Book Review Rating System

I want to start doing some book reviews on my blog, seeing as that I’m an avid reader. I wanted to give my book review a system, so that it’s not all over the place. 484 more words


So far, so good...

Eleven days into the New Year and my only major slip ups involve either a glass of prosecco or a piece of dark, salted chocolate – the call of Green & Black’s! 423 more words

The Plot

Cat we just get along?


Nine Lives
Here’s the breakdown, it’s Christmas, time to be jolly and all that, guys have gone upcountry to point at chicken with car keys and ‘try’ milking cows with 6 inch high heels. 773 more words

Dress Up Lebanon : The Story Begins

PhotoStory in collaboration with Kamsyn – https://kamsyn.com/2016/12/15/dress-up-lebanon-first-story/

Cozied up in Le Telegraphe de Belle-Vue’s  finely decorated Hotel or enjoying the blossoming rose garden while sipping a glass of red wine, we reminisced on the days when… 717 more words

The Plot

The beginning...

Subsequent to my self-deprecating ‘About’ section, it has then proceeded to take me a month to get this thing off the ground. Less due to nervous procrastination and more to sheer lack of time, I would say, but I consider that fairly representative of the way I’m feeling these days; like my time is less my own than everybody else’s and that it doesn’t matter how loud I shout, nobody… 774 more words

The Plot