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The Best Job Interview Tips You'll Ever Get, But Should Never Use!

Job interviews can be quite intense and there are those dreaded interviews where you face a panel of several interviewers all attempting to “one-up” the last question. 125 more words


What do you think of when you see .....

So what would you think of if you saw this in your home town

If you said cakes, pastries, desserts alas you would be wrong! 21 more words


Now don't take this the wrong way...

It’s one of those things in life that make us laugh and grimace in equal measure.┬áPlain spelling mistakes are always irritating,┬ábut sometimes using the wrong word can be a source of hilarity – especially when the sentence still makes sense. 301 more words

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Superheroes in Elizabethan costumes

Superheroes. In Elizabethan costumes. Actually convincing (although can not all guys wear that ruff around their necks?!)

Pings On My Radar

Is this the funniest #eBay seller ever?

For the folk that read my blog on a regular basis this post may seem a little, shall we say, ‘off brand’. Perhaps I have been reading too much of… 186 more words


Getting some groove back

Sometimes, the smallest things can make all the difference to whether or not you feel valued, worthwhile and not completely pointless.

Today I heard my young and impressionable charges play a fairly decent rendition of… 111 more words