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I mistrust models.

I have no special mistrust of climate models, I mistrust all models of complex systems.  Here are six reasons why.

Reason #1:  My cousin runs an advisory service for institutional investors (hedge funds, retirement funds, stock market funds etc. 616 more words

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A bit of history

I’ve been reading Nature since I’ve been able to afford a subscription, e.g. since about 1972. To put their undoubted coming hysteria about Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris agreement into perspective, consider the fact that they bought the arguments of the Club of Rome, hook line and sinker. 361 more words

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The Anti-Science Myths Of The Left: Overpopulation & Resource Scarcity

Recently Bill Nye’s Netflix show concluded with a final episode that discussed one of the left’s favorite myths, overpopulation, and yet more ways to try and control population growth… 405 more words

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Random Thoughts

In considering what to write about this week, I had several things, so I’ll just touch base briefly on all of them.

  1. The King of Dramas…
  2. 662 more words