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A Warm Christmas Recap

Well, we survived another Christmas. It didn’t come without its pains and tears, but the weather on Christmas day completely captured the essence of this year’s events: warm. 511 more words

Creative Writing

Call Mom

Life craps on you. What can you do?
What do you do, Mom, when all is blue
and all you see
is doom?

Make hay, Sunshine, make strides and be sure. 126 more words

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A Word or Two with Me

So I did it again. I ran from a situation that was difficult and uncomfortable. I’m such a whimp! Why do I keep doing this? Why do I walk away, instead of standing up and fighting? 687 more words

Creative Writing

Just call me Dropsy of the Mor-ning, Dropsy, just touch my cheek.....

Well, sir! It is 9am and I can’t believe the morning I’ve had already!

First thing, before daybreak, we come down stairs to a surprise on the floor directly in front of the woodstove in the living room. 646 more words


Fall is Falling, But Not the Cat, I hope!

As dawn breaks in the foothills of Albert County, the fire crackles and warms the room while the sun tracks its way into day. Today is the Day of Saints, Hallow’s Eve, The Day of the Dead. 318 more words

Creative Writing

Everything Old

Pitter patter sings the rain,
dancing on my window pane.
It happened again, though I can’t say when,
that time stopped for me inside.
In bewilderment, I sigh. 317 more words

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A Shift in Perspective

A strange thing has occurred over the last week or so. My perspective on life has shifted somewhat. And it’s all because bad things happened. And now that I have time to reflect on things, I realize that what I wanted all along, is exactly the thing that I’m left with – with the addition of a few more scars, of course. 929 more words