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Firing of Police Chief Splits Town

Pocomoke is a lovely town on the Maryland Eastern Shore. The Pocomoke River, which wanders across the peninsula is a scenic beauty. The River is crossed there by a scenic draw-bridge. 1,769 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Obama Wants to Build a Super-Supercomputer

My first professional job was with IBM. In those days, the IBM 360 generation computer was on the way out to be replaced by the… 932 more words

The Post-Racial Life

"Black Don't Crack"

International Supermodel Iman at 60 years of age…

The Post-Racial Life

Black Lives Matter Shakes Up the Democratic Primary and Message

The Republican Party is getting shaken up by the Trumplodytes…

The Dems are finally coming to grip with their Minority constituency.

This is just one of the steps that need to be taken to reinvent and create a new Democrat Party responding to it’s modern constituency. 883 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Brooks Argues Ta-Nehisi Coates is Wrong

 Interesting battle between a white Liberal and Ta-Nehisi Coates. David Brooks is getting hammered in several publications as representing the liberal racist wing of the left, … 1,235 more words

The Post-Racial Life

The Fix is in! Chicago fires investigator who found cops at fault in shootings

Well…The fix is in in Chicago. Not really surprising considering he city’s history of police brutality and corruption. This isn’t a first, as we all saw this movie in Ferguson and a number of other places. 701 more words

The Post-Racial Life