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Sympathy for the Devil...Black Folks and Ben Carson

In an America where segregation is part of living memory of many over 55, and black periodicals published and lauded many black “firsts” – for some it is very difficult to see past skin color, and look in askance at a fellow black person. 1,077 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Trump Lies

Found this partial list of the whoppers told by Trump on the campaign trail… Man obviously has an aversion to the truth.

  1. On 9/11, he personally saw…
  2. 671 more words
The Post-Racial Life

Video of Police Murder of Laquan McDonald

This is hard to watch. Contrary to police testimony after the shooting McDonald was at least 15 ft away from any of the officers, posed no threat, and was walking away from them when he was shot in the back. 17 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Why So Few Black Kids at Elite Universities?

I think two reasons… The anti Affirmative Action racism of the right and subsequent decisions by the SCUMUS was successful in reducing the number of black and Hispanic students, especially in California where high stakes testing is used as the principal barometer for acceptance. 479 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Brutal Attack on Black Man in Bar By Neo-Nazi Earns Felony Charges

So…Three white supremacists jump a black guy, and this clown comes in after the black guy is down and out throwing kicks…

Your typical “courageous” Aryan thug. 429 more words

The Post-Racial Life

Leaving America

If you have a chance to travel to Europe, check out the local TV. The Ads, particularly on British TV are 10 cuts above most of what you will see in America. 159 more words

The Post-Racial Life

A System That Cares...

As a kid growing up in segregated Virginia…

My Mother was a primary School Teacher. Besides learning to write in perfect letters in both cursive and block letter, she insisted that every piece of paper I handed in look perfect. 730 more words

The Post-Racial Life